What should I pack for camp?

See our suggested packing list (link coming soon).

Where do I check in when I arrive for camp?

Check-in will take place in the lobby of Cogswell Hall, 422 S. 11th St., Indiana, PA 15705.

If I am a residential camper, can I bring a car?

You may bring your car, and parking will be provided. However, you will need to turn in your keys at registration, and you will not be permitted to leave campus until camp ends.

If I am a commuter camper and will be driving myself, where will I park?

Parking will be provided for commuter campers. We will provide a map of where to park at registration.

Will I have to audition at camp?

We will ask you to play something short of your choice (or sing a song of your choice if you are a vocalist) and ask you to sight-read a short excerpt when you arrive to determine which part is best for you, depending on the ensembles you are in.

Where will the final performances be held?

Camp performances will be held in Gorell Recital Hall or Fisher Auditorium.

What if I can’t attend all of the days of camp?

If for some reason you are unable to attend every day of camp, please email Zach Collins at zcollins@iup.edu. We will make an effort to accommodate your situation.

Are private lessons available?

Each camper will receive a private lesson during the week.

Can I practice in my room?

Since other camps may be in session at IUP, campers will not be able to practice in their dorm rooms. Lockers will be available in Cogswell Hall to make it easier for campers to practice in one of our many practice rooms.

Will lockers be available?

Lockers will be available for use by campers. Campers should bring their own lock.

Are there any instruments available to play on loan?

Campers are expected to bring their own instrument (pianos will be provided). If you do not own your own instrument and will not have access to an instrument from your school, contact Zach Collins at zcollins@iup.edu.

I am a percussionist. What instruments and equipment do I need to bring?

Percussionists should bring their own sticks and mallets. Instruments will be provided by the camp.

I’m a pianist. What will I do while everyone else is in rehearsal?

There may be repertoire in our vocal and instrumental ensembles that utilize a pianist. We will offer classes tailored specifically to our piano participants, and extra practice time will be provided.

What do I do if I play more than one instrument?

When possible, we will aim to give you musical opportunities on secondary instruments. Let us know of any secondary performance areas you wish to participate in. If the schedule allows, we will make accommodations for you to participate in a second performance area.

How will students be kept safe?

Campers will be supervised by faculty and counselors at all times. Camp staff members have obtained background checks as required by IUP.

What happens in case there is illness or injury?

Campers can receive care for illness or injury from the IUP Health Center or Indiana Regional Medical Center.

What is the policy for administering routine medications?

Campers will turn in all medications at check-in. An adult camp staff member will be in charge of administering medications.

How will camp accommodate food sensitivities?

IUP Dining will provide food options for campers with sensitivities. Students who have allergies or sensitivities should consider bringing appropriate snacks for the week.

How will camp accommodate campers with disabilities?

Staff will work to make sure all campers can have the full experience of the IUP Summer Music Camp. Please alert camp staff to any accommodations needed in our camp questionnaire. View the campus ADA accessibility map.

Can the campers use their cell phone?

Campers are permitted to bring a cell phone and other electronic devices to be used during free time. However, cell phones and all other devices such as smart watches, music players, games, and tablets will be turned off completely and put away out of sight during all classes, rehearsals, and performances.

Can family come to eat with me in the dining hall?

We ask that family members refrain from attending meals. Meals are a chance for campers to meet other musicians.