Lively Arts logo Mission Statement

The Lively Arts at IUP sets the standard for excellence in providing quality arts events and services for students and the community that centers on the needs of its constituents, viewing the arts as an essential component of lifelong learning that provides an incomparable understanding of ourselves and our world.


  • To present, produce, and promote a wide variety of performing and visual arts events for the campus population and area community that will complement and support the academic programs offered by IUP; further IUP's commitment toward gender balance and cultural diversity; and serve as an artistic, social, educational, and economic resource;
  • To facilitate the use and management for the area's premiere performance venue, Fisher Auditorium and the IUP Performing Arts Center, providing technical and performance services related to hosting a successful event appropriate for the facility and championing the ongoing health of the facility;
  • To provide expertise to the faculty and staff of the College of Fine Arts, including the University Museum and Kipp Gallery, in the areas of event management and marketing, and to facilitate the dissemination of event information through appropriate and effective vehicles;
  • To serve as a resource for and guardian of the arts to students, faculty, and community members beyond the College of Fine Arts in the areas of event management, audience engineering, arts-in-education services, legislative funding advocacy, and other arts management-relatedmatters as requested and available;
  • To provide arts-in-education services through facilitated residencies to a five-county region and outreach activities with visiting artists, including ArtsPath and related programs; and
  • To oversee the proper and effective use of the Web for the departments and programs of the College of Fine Arts, and facilitate alignment with the university's overall communications plan.

What We Do

What you see . . .

  • Performances and projects with some of the world's leading touring artists and speakers along with up-and-coming professional performers
  • Art, history, and other exhibits of local, regional, national, and international significance
  • Performances and exhibits by our highly accomplished teacher-artists, including solo performances, chamber ensembles, jazz, theater, and a variety of exhibits representing a variety of art mediums
  • Theater, dance, and music productions and concerts directed by our accomplished faculty or guests and performed by our students
  • Undergraduate and graduate art exhibits guided by our professional faculty
  • Undergraduate music recitals and theater projects guided by our professional faculty

What you may not see . . .

  • Provide arts-in-education services for a five-county region through ArtsPath and reaching three to five thousand young people (mostly k-12) each year with local and touring professional artists
  • Manage Fisher Auditorium and the IUP Performing Arts Center, hosting over two hundred days of activity annually, including rehearsals, speakers, meetings, assemblies, classes, and the like
  • A network that works to advocate for public funding to the arts and promote its importance to our elected officials
  • With a cross-college team, manage information and content provided on the various College of Fine Arts websites