At orientation, each new student is issued an I-Card with an individual Banner ID number and a unique ABA number.

Once the card is validated, students swipe the card to gain access to:

  • Residence halls
  • Library services
  • Bus services
  • Fitness Centers
  • Meal plans
  • Sporting events
  • Vending (Crimson Cash)

For general information about the I-Card, please email icard-assistance@iup.edu.

We moved! The I-Card Office is now located in the Lobby Window Area of Clark Hall. We will be open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM.


If your I-Card has an expiration date on the back, this is to make your card a valid photo ID for voting purposes only. If you need to use your I-Card as an ID to vote, please come to the I-Card Office if the expiration date has expired. If not, as long as you are enrolled/active within the university, your card is valid and does not need replaced or renewed.

I-Card Fees

Starting fall 2019, each student will be charged an annual $15 I-Card fee on their student bill. Their first replacement card during the academic year will be free of charge. After the first replacement card, any additional replacement cards will be $15 and must be paid up front at the I-Card Office.

IUP Dining Logo

Visit IUP Dining on the Web.

PNC Bank logo

I-Cards can function as ATM cards through IUP's banking partner, PNC. Students will need to open an account with PNC and ask for their I-Card to be activated as their ATM card for the account.

For more information on using your I-Card as a PNC ATM card, please call PNC at 724-465-5582 or visit the PNC website.

Closeup of someone holding I-Card in front of a vending machine.

Use GET Funds to add money to your Crimson Cash account.

I-Card holders can add money to their accounts through the GET Funds web portal.

Find information on how to access and add funds to your I-Card vending account online.

In addition to adding online via credit or debit card, funds may also be added by cash or check at either the I-Card Office or the Office of Student Billing

Crimson Cash may be used for vending and purchases on campus:

  • Dining and POD Stores
  • Laundry, soda, and snack machines
  • Copiers and printing in computer labs
  • Printing services at the University Print Center
  • Purchasing tickets at the Kovalchick Complex
  • University Post Office
  • The Co-op Store
  • Parking Services
  • Student Billing

The best part? Crimson Cash NEVER expires! Whatever you don't use one semester will be waiting to be used the next semester.

Vending Prices

Crimson Cash Refund Procedures

Note: There is a $5 per year inactive account fee assessed to this account.

No bills? No coins? No problem!

Pay for parking at the pay-by-space machines using your Crimson Cash account. Just add funds then swipe your I-Card.

Buy your textbooks using Crimson Cash at the Co-op Store!

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