Applying for Tuition Waiver

  • Directions to apply for Tuition Waiver at IUP:

    Step 1: Register for Courses

    If currently an IUP student, register for courses through MyIUP using your IUP network account.

    If not currently enrolled as an IUP student, before registering for courses you must be admitted as an IUP student through either the Admissions Office, or through the Office of Extended Studies if enrolling as a non-degree student .

    Employees should make every effort to schedule classes in the evening, during the lunch period, and at the beginning or end of the work shift to minimize the interruption of work during the day. Employees who elect to take classes during their regular work shift must compensate for the time away from their work site on the same day the class occurs by selecting one or more of the following options:

    • Option 1: Extend the work day by starting early or working beyond the normal quitting time.
    • Option 2: Use the lunch period and two 15-minute breaks
    • Option 3: Select annual or personal leave to compensate for time away from work to attend class.(only when supervisor does not agree to Option 1 or Option 2)

    The chosen option must be agreed upon by the employee and supervisor.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility to monitor the employee’s time away from the worksite and approve leave requests as necessary.

    Step 2: Complete Tuition Waiver Application 

    A separate application must be submitted for each semester, because one’s eligibility may change between semesters.

    1. Click on one of the links below for the Online Tuition Waiver Application for your bargaining unit/employee group and save to a secure location on your computer :
    2. From the secure location on your computer, open the document, complete the required fields, and save the completed application. If any of the required fields are left blank, your tuition waiver application will be rejected.

    Step 3: Upload Application to “iforms”

    1. Log onto the iforms page using your IUP username and password.
    2. Click “Upload Your Documents” on the iforms menu.  
    3. Click on the Browse button to select your saved tuition waiver application, then click OK.
    4. Click the Upload button to submit your application.

    Note: You can check the status of your tuition waiver application by viewing your Dashboard on the iforms page.

    Directions to apply for Tuition Waiver at Other Pennsylvania State System schools:

    Step 1: Complete the   Tuition Waiver Application for Courses at Other State System Schools

    Step 2: Submit your completed application to the IUP Office of Human Resources/benefits manager.

    • E-mail scanned forms to
    • Mail paper forms to Office of Human Resources, G8 Sutton Hall, 1011 South Drive, Indiana, PA 15705

    Step 3: The benefit manager will review and confirm the employee’s eligibility and forward the approved application to the “Attending University.”

    Tuition waiver applications filed after the completion date of the course(s) will not be accepted.