IUP offers housing during breaks (November, winter, and spring.)

Break housing is available as follows:

November Break

Apply via your MyIUP account before the deadline—no cost

Apply after the deadline; the cost is $35 per night

Winter Break

Apply via your MyIUP account—cost is a flat rate of $392 for the break, regardless of how many days you stay

Spring Break

Apply via your MyIUP account before the deadline—no cost

Apply after the deadline, the cost is $35 per night

Students must be living on campus during the semester and must submit the Break Housing Application prior to the break.


View information about summer housing here.


Summer housing is located in Ruddock Hall. During all other breaks, students will reside in their currently assigned suite/room.


IUP dining facilities will not be open during the break periods, with the exception of summer housing. One facility will be open during summer sessions. See your summer contract for details.


A Resident Assistant (RA) team is assigned to the building throughout the break. The office will be staffed during select hours each day to provide recreation equipment and answer questions. If there is an emergency, phone numbers and duty schedules will be posted throughout the building so you can reach the RA on call. Additionally, University Police can be reached 24 hours a day at 724-357-2141.


The building will be locked 24 hours a day. Only students approved to stay in break housing will have access to the building through their switchtech app, I-Card, or temporary card access.


No overnight guests are permitted during the break periods.


Smoking is not permitted in any of the residence halls.


All residential and university policies apply during the break periods. If you have any questions concerning policies, please review the Housing License Agreement.

Important Information

Residents are advised that necessary maintenance and/or custodial services will continue during the break.

An email with the deadlines will be sent to all housing students when signups are active.

For additional information on break housing, please contact IUP Housing at 724-357-2696.