As a field experience site, a sponsor can look forward to a year-round source of highly motivated young professionals. These young people have specialized academic training in the areas of criminology and criminal justice; nursing and allied health; food and nutrition; kinesiology, health, and sport science; culinary arts; sociology; psychology; and employment relations and health services administration.

Safety Science Career FairStudents in field experiences can be utilized for short-term projects or ongoing operations and can be recruited during the fall, spring, and summer sessions. Our students provide sites with a flexible, cost-effective workforce that does not require a long-term commitment. Sponsors also receive a chance to preview the performance of strong candidates for future employment in a variety of positions.

By taking part in a field experience for one of our students, sponsors also assist the College of Health and Human Services by providing links to the business community—relationships that are important if academic institutions are to respond to the needs of our professions.

What Sponsors Need to Do to Participate in a CHHS Field Experience (Credit-Bearing Internship, Externship, Practicum, or Clinical)

  1. If your site does not have a current Field Experience Agreement with IUP, or you are not sure it is current, send an email to Chelsey Fuga at or call 724-357-2555 indicating your interest in sponsoring a student for a field experience. Please include your contact information and the major of the student you are interested in sponsoring. The College of Health and Human Services office will email you a Field Experience Agreement, which must be signed and submitted at least 45 days prior to any student being able to participate in a field experience.

  2. For specific information about field experience requirements, please see the department's web page following the links below. From this site, you can get specific contact information for the field experience or internship coordinator with whom you will work in consultation to determine the specific learning activities and the number of site hours required for the field experience. (Every one credit of field experience is equivalent to 40 hours on-site.) It is expected that the nature of the learning experience is challenging, primarily in the area of the student's major, and does not include clerical or repetitive components.

  3. You will work with the field experience coordinator to determine the best way for students to apply for the field experience (e.g., by email, website, etc.).

  4. Once you are ready to extend an offer to a student, please email him or her a formal offer of employment and a job description that includes the learning activities mentioned in #2 above.

  5. During the field experience, you may be asked to send performance evaluations of the student following department requirements. If considered appropriate, the faculty supervisor of the student will visit the field experience site.