We have many opportunities for students interested in participating in sports at IUP.  Joining a sport can lead to greater school spirit and feelings of belonging.  There are three categories of sports at IUP.

Club Sports

Club Sports are sports that are managed by student organizations that compete against other universities.  Club Sports do not have varsity status but do compete regularly with other universities and colleges.  You can find out more about the many Club Sports offered at IUP by visiting Crimson Connect. This list is not comprehensive, but provides a more in-depth look at some of our Club Sports offerings:



The Intramural Program offers a variety of sports.  The distinction is that Intramural sports is for competition amongst teams within IUP, not other universities or colleges.  The Intramural Program is run by the IUP Student Cooperative Association.  To find out how to get involved in an intramural program, visit the IUP Cooperative Intramurals Recreation Sports Program.   

Varsity Athletics

Varsity sports are sanctioned by the NCAA and the NAIA and are managed by IUP’s Department of Athletics.  For more information about IUP’s varsity sports, visit the Department of Athletics.