Preparing and Submitting Theses and Dissertations

All graduate theses and dissertations must be submitted electronically.

Before Submission

Apply for Graduation

Master and doctoral degree candidates must apply for graduation by the specified deadline by logging into MyIUP.

Signature Page

After you have completed the final copy of the thesis or dissertation, a minimum of one copy of the signature page must be signed by the committee chairperson and each member of the committee and submitted to the Thesis-Dissertation Office. All signatures must be original. Keep a copy of the signature page for your records. The final PDF file will have an unsigned signature page. Therefore, do not scan this page into the final thesis or dissertation.

It is optional to add the date of the defense and "Signature on File" by the committee's names before uploading the final file. No date should be listed by the School of Graduate Studies and Research dean's name. See the appropriate sample of the signature page for the correct format.


When your thesis or dissertation has been approved by your committee, submit it to the Thesis-Dissertation Office for format and compliance review. It must be submitted by July 1 (for August graduation); November 1 (for December graduation); or April 1 (for May graduation) to The Thesis-Dissertation Office will verify that your thesis or dissertation meets the style manual guidelines you indicated you would use on your Research Topic Approval Form, and will contact you via e-mail with all necessary corrections. We will also confirm that all necessary approvals have been obtained (including, but not limited to, RTAF, IRB, IACUC, and outside reader). Additionally, we will review the document for plagiarism using iThenticate software. You will receive an electronic copy of the iThenticate report with your format revision notes.

Converting File to PDF

The final electronic file that is uploaded to UMI/ProQuest must be one file that is converted to Adobe PDF format. You have several options for creating the PDF file:

Combining Multiple Files in Word

If you have created your thesis or dissertation as separate files (preliminary pages, text, appendices), add a section break after the preliminary pages and then insert the text. Do the same steps if appendices are in a separate file. An overview of the steps to add both section and page breaks is provided.

Combining Multiple Files in Adobe Acrobat

Frequently, the documents you want to include as appendices in your thesis or dissertation will be in PDF format. To combine these documents with the rest of your thesis or dissertation, it may be advisable to include these files after creating the PDF of your thesis or dissertation. You will need Acrobat Pro software, available on any university computer, for this or you can use a non-Adobe converter available online from an alternate provider. Instructions are provided for combining PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

IUP Publishing Agreement

IUP requires a signed publishing agreement to be kept on file in the Thesis-Dissertation Office. This agreement grants the IUP Libraries the right to post your dissertation on the university's website. Please complete the Dissertation Publishing Agreement or Thesis Publishing Agreement and submit it to the Thesis-Dissertation Office.

Change of Grade Form

Ask your committee chair to initiate a Change of Grade form for your thesis or dissertation course.

Survey of Earned Doctorates

This is a federal survey that is conducted by RTI International on behalf of several government agencies. All PhD candidates are asked to complete this survey and submit it to the Thesis-Dissertation Office.

Final Submission

Submission and Approval

After the format has been reviewed by the Thesis-Dissertation Office, submit the PDF file to the UMI/ProQuest submission website. You must submit your document by July 15 (for August graduation); November 15 (for December graduation); or April 15 (for May graduation). As part of the submission process, you will create a ProQuest account. This account is used to manage and maintain your thesis or dissertation in the system. The Thesis-Dissertation Office will review your file in ProQuest and notify you if there are any questions or if additional edits are required. You will be able to replace the original file with an updated copy in the system, if necessary.

Once the file has been reviewed and all required forms have been submitted, the SGSR dean will approve your thesis or dissertation and you will receive an approval letter. After your thesis or dissertation has been approved, you will not be able to make any changes to it.

Should I Embargo My Work?

There are many benefits to allowing open access to your thesis/dissertation; however, students concerned about prior publication and its potential to impact future publishing opportunities are advised to review the information provided by ProQuest/UMI on this subject, to review general publication restrictions for their specific anticipated publishers and confirm this information with the publisher directly, and discuss any concerns with their thesis/dissertation committee chairs.

Obtaining Bound Copies

If you want to have personal copies of your dissertation bound, or if you department requires a bound copy, there are several options available. You may purchase copies through UMI/ProQuest by logging in to your account. Other options are here. Please note that the School of Graduate Studies and Research makes no particular recommendation for or guarantee of these services.


If you plan to attend Commencement, you must RSVP online through MyIUP. Please see the IUP Commencement website for instructions.

Please direct questions regarding the preparation and submission of your thesis or dissertation to the Thesis-Dissertation Office, 120 Stright Hall,, phone 724-357-2224, fax 724-357-2715.