Associate Professor Headshot of Sudeshna Ghosh

  • Office: Leonard Hall, Room 413H
  • Email:
  • Office Phone: 724-357-2250


  • PhD, Regional Development Planning, University of Cincinnati , OH, US
  • Master of City Planning, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, India

Courses Taught

  • Global Cities: Issues for Planning and Development, RGPL 103
  • Planning History, RGPL 203
  • Introduction to Community Planning, RGPL/GEOG 350/550
  • Planning Methods, RGPL/GEOG 352/552
  • Housing and Community Development Policy, RGPL 470
  • Community Planning Practicum/ Research Seminar, RGPL/ GEOG 498
  • Planning Theory, RGPL/GEOG 468/568
  • Quantitative Techniques in Geography and Planning, GEOG 612
  • Spatial Analysis and Techniques, GEOG 475/ 675
  • Study Abroad Course: Field Research in India, GEOG 481/581

Academic Interests

Professor Ghosh has worked in the areas of master planning, land use planning, and township development since 2005. Her research focus includes Smart City and Resiliency Planning, Community Planning & Development, Planning Policy Analysis, Geospatial Techniques, Spatial Modeling and Statistics, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Planning in the Developing World (Global South). She frequently organizes study abroad programs in India to explore urbanization and environmental challenges in Indian cities.

Selected Publications

  • Patnaik, Srikanta, Siddhartha Sen, and Sudeshna Ghosh. Editors. 2022. Smart Cities and Smart Communities: Empowering Citizens through Intelligent Technologies. Springer Series on “Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies.” Springer.
  • Sen, Siddhartha, and Sudeshna Ghosh. (forthcoming book). Kolkata Architectural Guide. Indian Architectural Travel Guide Series. Altrim Publishers: Barcelona.
  • Sudeshna Ghosh, and Sweta Byahut. 2022. “Comprehensive Planning Comes a Full Circle in Cincinnati: Insights from the 2012 Plan Cincinnati.” in Smart Master Planning (Chapter 4) Edited by T. M. Vinod Kumar. Singapore: Springer.
  • Moctezuma, Nicholas A., Brian W. Okey, and Sudeshna Ghosh. 2022. Assessing Mitigation Strategies for Reducing Bat Fatalities at Wind Energy Facilities: A Comparative Analysis. The Pennsylvania Geographer. Spring Issue: 22-32.
  • Kumar, Sudeshna, Haimanti Banerji, and Sudeshna Ghosh. 2021. “A conceptual urban resilient framework to climate change for sustainable urbanism in developing countries: Reflections from East Kolkata Wetlands.” Sustainable Urbanism in Developing Countries. (Chapter 6) Edited by Uday Chatterjee, Arindam Biswas, Jenia Mukherjee, and Dinabandhu Mahata. Taylor & Francis Group/CRC Press.
  • Ghosh, Sudeshna, Sweta Byahut and Calvin Masilela. 2021. “Planning for Resiliency and Climate Protection in New York Megacity.” in Smart Global Mega Cities (Chapter 10) Edited by T. M. Vinod Kumar. Singapore: Springer.
  • Sen, Siddhartha, and Sudeshna Ghosh. 2020. “Kolkata’s Urban Dualism: Contradictions between Global Spaces and Informal Marginal Settlements.” in Planning Megacities in the Global South (Chapter 17) Edited by Deden Rukmana. Routledge.
  • Byahut, Sweta, Sudeshna Ghosh, and Calvin Masilela. 2020. “Urban Transformation for Sustainable Growth and Smart Living: Insights from the Atlanta BeltLine.” in Smart Living for Smart Cities (Chapter 12) Edited by T. M. Vinod Kumar. Singapore: Springer.
  • Ghosh, Sudeshna, Sweta Byahut and Calvin Masilela. 2019. “Metropolitan Regional Scale Smart City Approaches in a Shrinking City in the American Rust Belt – Case of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.” in Smart Metropolitan Regional Development (Chapter 17) Edited by T. M. Vinod Kumar. Singapore: Springer.
  • Ghosh, Sudeshna, and Carla Chifos. 2017. The 1985 siting of a Toyota manufacturing plant in rural Kentucky, USA: The ensuing land use change and implications for planning. Landscape and Urban Planning. Vol. 167: 288-301.
  • Ghosh, Sudeshna. 2016. Integrating Geographic Information System (GIS) and Repeat Sale Analysis to assess the impacts of fracking on Housing Market in Greene County, PA. The Pennsylvania Geographer (Special Issue on Fracking). Vol. 54 (1): 19-40.