• Architecture in Germany

    A Competitive Edge: Choose German

    Students in touch with current events cannot help but notice the prominent role played by Germany in nearly every phase of economic and political life.

    We offer two programs in German:

    Germany has one of the largest economies in the world and plays a lead role in the European Union. Since the reunification in 1990, Germany has built bridges to its eastern neighbors. Though Germany’s own internal growth has spawned problems like unemployment, notably in the eastern states, efforts are underway to assure opportunities in all parts of the Federal Republic.

    As Germany consolidates its economic position, it is not surprising that this country remains one of our country’s top trading partners. In Pennsylvania alone, many firms are subsidiaries or affiliates of German companies. The Bayer firm, with thousands of employees in western Pennsylvania, is one example of the German presence. In adjacent states, Germany remains a major player in pharmaceuticals, high-tech, and industrial enterprises. The role of other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland is also significant.