In the spring of 2003, the Spanish program adopted a new set of guidelines to help coordinate proficiency-oriented instruction. To that end, the chart below indicates the minimum oral tasks that students should be able to accomplish upon completion of Spanish 101, 102 and 201 at IUP.

At the end of the given course the student will be able to . . .

Topic Context

SPAN 101

SPAN 102*

SPAN 201


Give autobiographical information (state name, origin, nationality, age, address, phone number)

Describe daily routines during a typical day

Describe academic majors, courses, career plans


Describe self and identify others, including family members, friends, roommates, classmates (physical description, personality)

Describe the way people and things are and used to be

Give an extended description of self and others in the present, past, and future time frames


List daily activities and tell about likes and dislikes

List past activities of self and others

Narrate and describe events in the present, past and future


Count from 0 to 100 and use numbers in giving information about self and others (e.g., age, address, phone numbers)

Count from 100-? and use numbers in describing people and things (e.g., giving the date, naming prices)

Use large numbers in situational contexts (e.g., making purchases, exchanging money)


Obtain biographical information about others by asking questions about name, age, origin, etc.

Obtain information about present and past activities and routines of others

Participate in conversations by asking questions to negotiate meaning and elicit additional information


Respond to typical survival situations with words/short phrases (e.g., ordering food from a menu)

Successfully participate in simple survival situations without complications (e.g., buying a bus ticket, getting a hotel room)

Successfully participate in survival situations with complications (e.g., reporting lost luggage, sending food back in a restaurant)

*Fulfill the objectives from SPAN 101 plus the following.
Fulfill the objectives from SPAN 102 plus the following.