Students: Looking for information on placement testing and credit for proficiency?

  • Native/heritage speakers (students who speak Spanish, French, or German at home), or students who have advanced knowledge via extended study, have the opportunity to earn IUP credits for advanced and/or native speaker knowledge in French and German or Spanish.
  • If you studied Spanish in high school, and did not take a placement test at Orientation, please contact Christina Huhn at to request a placement test. Please note:Placement tests are to determine where to begin your study, and cannot be used to test out of the course sequence once you have taken IUP foreign language courses or transferred foreign language credit from another university.
  • If you are a transfer student, or have other special circumstances, please contact Charles McCreary, department chair, at to discuss your situation.
  • Have additional questions? For full information on placement and language credit, review the document below or contact Charles McCreary, department chair, at


IUP Foreign language placement and Exam for Credit options REVISED 6/2020

Information on ACE Credits for ALL Languages