Majors in Finance and Legal Studies

Destiny Julo FACULTY WITH REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE WHO LOVE TEACHING: "What truly differentiates IUP from other universities is the staff and the care they have for their students, coupled with the programs and opportunities offered. They always found ways to give students real-world exposure to the finance industry outside of what the typical classroom course offered. The combination of experience though the Student Managed Investment Portfolio and the ability to network through alumni seminars put me on a path that lead me to a career beyond my expectations."Destiny Julo '19, BS in Finance and Accounting, Minor in Economics

Impact the Global Economy with Your Money Management Skills

With a degree from IUP in finance, you can pursue a career path that leads to influence in corporate and personal financial management. Wall Street institutions and other investment firms will welcome your skills, as will the banking and insurance industries. You will hone your analytic ability and gain a sound sense of how money works, thus laying a solid foundation for lifelong professional fulfillment.

BS in Finance

  • Pursue excellence in a large, influential career arena that includes corporate and personal financial management, global banking, insurance, and government entities such as the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Treasury.
  • Master analytic and technical skills that prepare you for success in an expansive, essential service industry with global implications.
  • Achieve higher educational goals by pursuing degrees in law, taxation, or business administration. An academic career is also possible.

Minor in Finance

  • Take advantage of the exclusive opportunity for business majors who are enrolled in the Eberly College of Business program.
  • Strengthen your resume with coursework in finance.

Pre-Law Interdisciplinary Minor

  • Successful lawyers have excellent skills in writing and speaking and can analyze a problem and explain its solution in clear logical terms.
  • This minor also provide students with the prerequisite skills for law school.