The core mission of the IUP Institute for Mine Mapping, Archival Procedures and Safety (IMAPS), is to develop a locus of knowledge and expertise in archiving, digitally recording, and geographically referencing historical coal mine maps, as well as initiating new mine safety protocols based on the existence of digital map data products.

In fulfilling this mission, IMAPS will develop IUP's Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company mine map collection to the fullest extent possible, provide valuable applied internship and employment experiences to students, work collaboratively with federal and state agencies to develop mine mapping data, and advance methodologies in preserving and processing mine maps that will serve as models for other organizations.

Major Support for the Mine Mapping Partnership

IUP's partnership with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Deep Mine Safety is playing a key role in making Pennsylvania coal mines safer for miners and communities, and the project has received generous support from both the public and private sector. IUP has received significant gifts from Consol Energy, Inc. of Pittsburgh, Rosebud Mining of Kittanning, State Senator Don White of Indiana, U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, the Office of Surface Mining, and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. The ongoing donation of archives and financial support has helped to spearhead the project of digitizing thousands of maps.