Martin J. Morand

Professor Emeritus, Industrial and Labor Relations

Telephone: (212) 866-2120


B.S. Industrial Relations, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University

Interest Areas:

Arbitration, Labor Education, Collective Bargaining in Higher Education, Union Structure and Government, Quality of Worklife, Workers Compensation.

Selected Publications:

  • "U.S. and Canadian Labor: Convergence at Whose Expense?" Monthly Review, June 1991.
  • Unemployment Compensation and Short-time Compensation", chapter in The Future of Unemployment Insurance, Eds. Lee Hansen and James Byers (Madison, WI; University of Wisconsin Press, 1990)
  • Canada: Our Model?", Monthly Review, June 1990.
  • "Are Canada's Experiences in Health Care and Industrial Cooperation Replicable in the United States ?", Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, San Francisco, CA, 1989.
  • "The Politics of Canadian Trade Unions: Can the U.S. Labor Movement Catch Up Before Canadian Labor Regresses?", Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, San Francisco, CA, 1989.
  • Is Canada a Useful Model?", Pacific Northwest Labor History Association, University of Oregon, 1989.
  • Testimony on House Bill 1756 "Mediator Confidentiality", Committee on Labor Relations House of Representatives, Harrisburg, PA, July 1989.
  • "American Exceptionalism--Is Canada an Exception?", presented to First Industrial Relations Congress of Americas, Montreal/ Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, August 21-27, 1988.
  • "Short-time Compensation and the Future of Unemployment Compensation", presentation at WINGSPREAD Conference on the 50th Anniversary of Unemployment Insurance, Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin and LaFollete Institute of Public Affairs, February 20-22, 1986.
  • "Worksharing: New Experiences", Paper presented at Industrial and Labor Relations Research Association Meeting in August 1985, printed in Industrial Relations Research Association Series: Proceedings of the Thirty-Eighth Annual Meeting, December 1985.
  • Why is the Canadian Labor Movement doing Better than US?" (with Irwin Marcus), Labor Studies Journal, Vol.10, No. 1, Spring 1985.
  • Short-time Compensation: A Formula for Worksharing (with Ramelle MaCoy),(N.Y. Pergamon Press/ Work in America Institute) 1984.
  • Seniority or Worksharing-Past and Future", Conference of Academic Unionists, Hartford, Connecticut, October 1982.
  • Short-time Compensation and Industrial Relations", Conference of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Industrial Relations Research Association, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1982.
  • Termination or Suspension of Faculty Appointments Because of Financial Exigency, Declining Enrollment and/or the Elimination of Programs", Address to the Fourth Annual Conference on Law and Higher Education, National Association of College and University Attorney's, St. Petersburg, Florida, January 1981.
  • Working Paper on Union Leader Responses to California Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance Program", reprinted May 1981, by the Bureau of National Affairs, Labor Relations Report, No. 102, 1981.
  • Union Leader Responses to California Worksharing Unemployment Insurance Program" with Donald S. McPherson). Paper presented at the First National Conference on Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance, San Francisco, California (conference organized by Martin J. Morand for California State Senate and Employment Development Department), May 1981.
  • "Unionism's Effect on Faculty Pay: Handicapping the Available Data" (with Donald S. McPherson), Monthly Labor Review, June 1980.
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  • "Union Security-- Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal to Individual Rights", American Association of University Professors, 1979 Collective Bargaining Conference, Eastern Michigan University.
  • "Collective Bargaining and Collegiality: A Pennsylvania View", Rutgers- Camden Law Review, Vol.9 , Summer 1978.
  • "Early Retirement, Partial Retirement, Reduced Work", Conference of Academic Unionists, 1978.
  • Encouraging Alternatives to Seniority Based Layoffs Through Modification of Unemployment Insurance" with Donald S. McPherson), Working Paper, 1978.
  • Report of the Chairman, "Task Force on Labor Relations in the Public Schools", for the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education, 1978.
  • "Establishing Constructive Relationships Between Administrators and Faculty Unions", (with Ramelle Macoy), Handbook of Faculty Bargaining, Eds. George Angell and Edward Kelly, Jr., Esq., 1976.
  • "Faculty and Unionism and the Threat to American Public Higher Education", National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education, Baruch College, City University of New York, 1976.
  • "Peer Review--Legal, Moral and Contractual Obligations in the Classroom", Bloomsburg State College, Symposium, 1976.
  • "1976 Speaker of the Year Acceptance Speech", published by the Speech Communication Association of Pennsylvania Annual Bulletin, 1976.
  • "Grievance and Arbitration Processing", Chapter in Collective Bargaining in Higher Education--The Developing Law, (with Edward Purcell), Eds. S. and J. Vladeck, Practicing Law Institute, 1975.