Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer note taker!

Your willingness to assist as a volunteer note taker (for one or more of your classes) helps to facilitate equal access for a classmate(s) of yours with a disability. Note-taking opportunities are on an "as needed" basis each semester. When an IUP student with a disability requests a note taker for a particular class, the Department for Disability Access and Advising (D2A2) will usually send an email to the entire class, attempting to recruit a volunteer note taker. If you are interested in volunteering as a note taker for such a class, you should respond to these recruitment emails as soon as possible.

Responsibilities of a volunteer note taker:

  • Regularly attend class (as you would otherwise)
  • Take detailed and neatly handwritten or typed notes (as you would otherwise)
  • Provide D2A2 a copy of your notes each week (we will then get these to your classmate with a disability)
  • Communicate with theD2A2 Note Taking Services coordinator if any problems or concerns arise during the semester (e.g., if you are unable to continue in your commitment as a volunteer note taker for any reason).

At the end of the semester, volunteer note takers who have met their commitment will receive a $50 gift credit to the IUP Co-op Store for each class they took notes for (as our way of thanking you for your volunteer service). Additionally, you may also request a professional letter of recommendation on D2A2 letterhead. (Volunteer note takers who do not consistently satisfy the above-referenced basic responsibilities may be dismissed and/or may not qualify at the end of the semester for a Co-op Store gift credit.)

Procedures for Submitting Notes

Instructions for how to provide D2A2 a copy of your weekly notes.