Note-taking Services

  • Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer note taker!

    Your willingness to assist as a volunteer note taker (for one more of your classes) helps to facilitate equal access for students with disabilities at IUP. Note-taking opportunities are on an “as needed” basis each semester. When an IUP student with a disability requests a note taker for a particular class, the Department for Disability Access and Advising (D2A2) will usually send an e-mail to the entire class, advertising the need for a fellow classmate to volunteer as a note taker. Classmates who are interested in volunteering as a note taker for such a class should respond to these advertisement e-mails as soon as possible.

    Responsibilities of a volunteer note taker include:

    • Attending every scheduled class period (as you would otherwise)
    • Taking in-depth and neatly handwritten or typed notes (as you would otherwise)
    • Stopping by the D2A2 office (216 Pratt Hall) once a week, and the class period before any tests, to have your updated notes quickly copied by us. Or, e-mailing D2A2 a weekly copy of your updated notes (
    • Communicating with the D2A2 Note Taking Services coordinator if any problems or concerns arise during the semester (e.g., if you are unable to continue in your commitment as a volunteer note taker for any reason).

    At the end of the semester, all volunteer note takers (who have been assigned for most of the semester) will receive a $50 Co-Op gift card from D2A2 for each class they took notes for (as our way of thanking you for your volunteer service). At the end of the semester, you may also request a letter of recommendation from D2A2. However, note-takers who do not consistently satisfy the above-referenced basic responsibilities may be dismissed and/or may not qualify at the end of the semester for a Co-Op gift certificate.

  • Procedures for Submitting Notes
    Volunteer note takers commit to providing the Department for Disability Access and Advising (D2A2) with updated copies of their notes on a weekly basis. They may stop by D2A2 weekly to have their updated notes quickly copied, or they may submit their updated notes digitally via email: