Baking and Pastry Arts Course Descriptions, Third Semester

Here are the classes you will take in your third semester (summer) in Baking and Pastry.

Lab Classes

Plated Desserts and a la Carte Service

Theory and advanced techniques for dessert plating and presentation. Prepare and present a wide variety of desserts utilizing sauces and garnishing elements.

American Cuisine for Baking and Pastry

Students will be exposed to many of the industry food trends. All preparations will focus on the creative fusion of cultures, flavors, textures, and colors to produce contemporary American cuisine for the Academy's fine dining restaurant.

American Table Service

Introduction to the front of the house operation. Emphasis placed on interaction/communication between the dining room, kitchen, and clientele. Chain of command job responsibilities and service techniques are covered.

Introduction to Computers

Familiarizes students with interaction of computer hardware and software. Emphasizes use of productivity software and the social and ethical aspects of the impact of computers on society.

Computer Accounting Applications

Builds on competencies developed in Intro to Computers; directly relates competencies to the culinary and hospitality industry. Focus on analysis of hospitality operation costs, P&L statements and financial forecasts, menu costs, and the creation, pricing, and nutritional analysis of recipes using culinary specific software.

Lecture Classes

Introduction to Hospitality Business

Overview of the principles, practices, and methods common to most restaurants, including starting a business from the ground up. Also includes types and characteristics of restaurants and their owners; concept, location and design; restaurant marketing and business plans; financing/leasing; legal and tax matters; budgeting and controlling costs; and advertising.

Careers in the Baking and Pastry Arts

Explores occupational outlooks, career opportunities, professional organizations, and job options in the culinary, food service, and hospitality industries. Focus on goal planning & decision making.

Baking and Pastry Professional Portfolio

Continued instruction in the organizational skills required to develop and present a performance log of technical skills and knowledge acquired during each semester in a format suitable for presentation to perspective employers.