Bitna KimProfessor and PhD Coordinator

Office: Wilson Hall, Room 209

Office Phone: 724-357-5976



PhD Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University, 2008
MA Psychology, Chung-buk National University, South Korea, 2001
BA Psychology, Chung-buk National University, South Korea, 1999

Areas of Interest

  • Evidence-Based Crime Prevention Practice, Program, and Policy and Meta-Analysis
  • International and Comparative Criminology
  • Partnerships in Criminal Justice Systems: Police, Community Corrections, Mental Health Professionals, Researchers
  • Rape; Intimate Partner Homicide; Domestic Homicide/Violence; Prison Rape
  • Campus Carry Gun and School Violence
  • Social inequality: Gender, Race, and Class

Professor Bitna Kim joined the IUP faculty in 2008. She is the co-director of the Center for Research in Criminology at IUP. Since 2017, she has served as policy expert of the Crime and Justice Research Alliance. Other leadership includes executive counselor of the International Division, American Society of Criminology; chair of the Award Committee, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences; and International Division chair of the Korean Association for Crisis and Emergency Management.

She is currently working on several systematic reviews and meta-analyses on poverty, income inequality crime and crime, domestic homicide, sex offender treatments, race and crime, and campus carry policies. She has served as a referee for several international journals and grant proposals. Her teaching experience has been expanded internationally, including visiting posts in China and South Korea. She has delivered several lectures and workshops to practitioners in criminal justice, including the American Probation and Parole Association, Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association, Pennsylvania Association of Probation Parole and Corrections, and the Thailand Institute of Justice. She was a recipient of the 2016 University Senate DistinguishedFacultyAward in Research, the 2016 Beto Scholar in Residence at Sam Houston State University, the 2018 ACJS Outstanding Mentor award, and the 2020 Outstanding Teacher Award in the college.

Recent Publications

  • Bitna Kim, Chunghyeon Seo & Young-Oh Hong. (In Press) A systematic review and meta-analysis of income inequality and crime in Europe: Do places matter? European Journal of Criminal Policy and Research Online First 10.1007/s10610-020-09450-7
  • Bitna Kim, Alida Merlo, Junhwi Park, & Young Oh Hong. (In Press) A systematic review of public housing, poverty (de)concentration, and risk behaviors: What about children and youth? Trauma, Violence, & Abuse Online First
  • Bitna Kim, Hyeonna Bak, & Joshua Garcia. (In Press) Revisiting Eigenberg's prison rape model with Criminal Justice majors. Journal of Sexual Aggression. Online First 10.1080/13552600.2020.1752835
  • Chunghyeon Seo, Bitna Kim, & Nathan Kruis (In Press). A meta-analysis of police response models for handling people with mental illnesses: Cross-Country Evidence on the Effectiveness. International Criminal Justice Review Online First
  • Chunghyeon Seo, Bitna Kim, & Nathen Kruis. ( In Press) Police response models for handling encounters with people suffering from mental illnesses: A survey of police chiefs. American Journal of Criminal Justice Online First DOI: 10.1007/s12103-020-09577-7
  • Chunghyeon Seo, Bitna Kim, & Nathan Kruis. (2021) Variation across police response models for handling encounters with people with mental illness: A systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of Criminal Justice, 72
  • Bitna Kim & Hali Santiago (2020) "Rape myth acceptance among prospective criminal justice professionals" Women & Criminal Justice, 30(6), 462-479.
  • Bitna Kim & Tao Xu (2020) "Cadets' career plans: Testing the mediation and moderation effects of satisfaction with the experience at police colleges." Police Quarterly,23(2), 202-231.
  • Matthew Hassett, Bitna Kim, & Chunghyeon Seo (2020) "Attitudes toward concealed carry of firearms on campus: A systematic review of the literature" Journal of School Violence, 19(1), 48-61.
  • Adam Matz & Bitna Kim. (2020) "Working with the police: A positive outlook from a national sample of probation and parole officers" Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 35, 480-493
  • Matthew Hassett & Bitna Kim. (2020) Attitudes toward concealed carry on campus: Results from a nationwide survey of criminologists. Journal of Crime and Justice, 43(3), 342-361.
  • Michele Bartina, Kelly Karrero, Bitna Kim, & Alida Merlo (2020) "Crisis intervention team training: When police encounter persons with mental illness" Police Practice and Research: An International Journal 21(3), 279-296.