Hear from Our Alumni

  • Alumnus Kevan Schneider

    Kevan Schneider
    MA Clinical Health Counseling '13

    “What sets IUP apart from other graduate school programs are the professors. Their care and compassion extends further than your professional development, but for your personal growth as well. From application to graduation, and even when you are unable to, the IUP professors are able to see that special something within you and continuously foster growth. The education I received at IUP has prepared me for many different facets of my professional career. Two of the most important were that of my ability to productively and therapeutically work with many different demographics of my clients, and how to effectively care for my own professional and personal wellness.”

    Alumna Tricia Murin

    Tricia Murin
    MEd in Elementary School Counseling '97

    “The Counseling Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania prepares its students for “real world” experiences. I learned many theories and how to apply different theories to practice addressing today's issues and current trends. The professors were very knowledgeable and always willing to help me become successful. The education that I received through the Counseling Department at IUP opened up different options for me, and my school counseling experiences have definitely prepared me for this position. I still implement the counseling strategies that I learned at IUP in my daily responsibilities.”

    Alumni John Frain

    John Frain
    MA Community Counseling

    “The program at IUP challenged me academically to learn the subject matter of counseling, and challenged me personally to better know myself. The combination and academic rigor and self-awareness prepared me well to become a professional counselor. As an employer, I have found this combination of traits to be common among IUP Counseling graduates and a compelling reason to hire them.”

    Alumna Courtney Williams

    Courtney Williams
    MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling '13

    “IUP's Counseling Department not only helped me turn my dreams into a reality, but also inspired me to dream bigger. The professors truly care about their students as future counseling professionals, and also as people. As a new graduate I felt prepared to enter the professional world of counseling, and I am so thankful for my experience at IUP.”

    Jen Pfeuffer

    Jennifer Pfeuffer
    MA Community Counseling '07

    “I was continuously supported by educators who were genuinely invested in both my professional and personal development as a counseling student. The graduate-level courses were applicable to real-life situations within the field of counseling, and the curriculum assisted me in identifying an area of specialty. When considering a doctoral program, I sought guidance from several faculty members who offered their experiences and encouragement that ultimately led to my journey into a PsyD Counseling Psychology program.”

    Alumna Megan Miller

    Megan Miller
    MA Community Counseling '06

    “IUP's master's-level Counseling program provided me with a balanced and thorough education, creating a solid foundation for my personal and professional growth within the field. My experience was further enriched as classes were facilitated by professors from a variety of professional backgrounds and with a variety of interests. This program maintains a high educational standard and is invested in ensuring the growth of its students; I feel my experience in this program has helped me become the kind of counselor and supervisor I want to be.”

    Alumna Corrin Linkes

    Corrin Linkes
    MEd School Counseling '07

    “An affordable, high-quality education-IUP's Counseling program is top-notch. I am a proud graduate, and highly recommend the program for any prospective student. The Counseling Department continues to educate and serve school counselors through events such as the annual School Counseling Professional Development Day, the Center for Creativity and Change, and ongoing professional development opportunities.”

    Alumna Erin-Caitilin Rinker

    Erin-Caitlin Rinker
    MEd School Counseling, Secondary School Counseling Certification '09

    “The Department of Counseling at Indiana University of Pennsylvania paved the way for me to truly make a difference in children's lives. The professors gave me the skills and knowledge to assist my students in all aspects of school counseling. Whether I am helping a student with personal/social concerns, academic difficulties, or aiding them in making informed decisions about life after high school, I am confident in my abilities of what I learned at IUP.”

    Alumnus Doug Thomas

    Doug Thomas
    MEd School Counseling '10

    “Dedicated and knowledgeable professors, small class sizes, and the flexibility to maintain full-time employment while enrolled all contributed to my overwhelmingly positive experience at IUP. It was a great choice when I decided to continue my education.”

    Alumnus Tim Donovan

    Tim Donovan
    MEd School Counseling '13

    “My experience at IUP was extremely positive. I found the relationships I built with both faculty and my cohort to be instrumental in shaping me to be the counselor that I am today.”

    Alumna Erin Rebling

    Erin Rebling

    MEd School Counseling

    “Whether you are pursuing school or clinical mental health counseling, the IUP Counseling Department provides students with a fantastic opportunity to continue their education. The passionate faculty provides guidance and support throughout the program and long after students have left the walls of Stouffer Hall. From developing basic counseling skills to job interview preparation, I could not have asked for a more thorough graduate experience.”

    Alumna Kimberly Hubler

    Kimberly Hubler
    MEd Secondary School Counseling '97

    “IUP gave me a very practical approach to the school counseling field. Not only did the faculty prepare me for my first position as a school counselor, but they have also been a resource the past 17 years.”