The IUP agreement states that you will work with IUP while you are participating in the Disney College Program. To provide successful relationships with you and the school, a series of requirements have been established that you must follow in order to participate in this program. Career Development Center

  1. All IUP undergraduate students participating in the Disney College Program must register for HOSP 299 001, which is a "0" credit co-op course. If you get a message in MyIUP that indicates you have to have a prerequisite to schedule for the HOSP 299 001, contact Management at 724-357-2626, tell the department you are accepted by Disney, and you will be given an override. If you have to leave a voice mail, include your Banner number and a phone number where you can be reached, and the department secretary will return your call.
  2. The Disney College Program allows college seniors to apply for the program and participate immediately after graduation, but they must be enrolled in school at the time of their interview.
  3. Disney College Program participants (other than some majors such as Hospitality Management, and only then with approval from their department) do not earn actual credits and the time at Disney will not be considered as an internship.
  4. If you are planning on taking any Disney courses and want to receive credit for them, you must contact Bill Sands in the Transfer Evaluation Office/Admissions. You will be required to complete a pre-approval form for the Disney classes. This should be done four weeks prior to leaving IUP. See credit transfer information on the Admissions website. Disney courses are not considered as IUP Distance Education courses.
  5. If living on campus, you must submit a letter to the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining stating that you will be leaving IUP for the semester to participate in the Disney College Program. This will terminate your contract without penalty to you. In the letter, you must provide your name, Banner ID, and indicate that you are participating in the Disney College Program. For students participating in the Disney College Program during the fall semester, for example, contact the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining in November and arrange for a new contract for the spring semester. Space is usually available in the spring semester, although you may not be able to select the building and/or room of your choice.
  6. To avoid any delays in your academic progress, please be aware of any courses that require a prerequisite. Make sure those classes will be offered when you return to IUP. Check with your advisor if you have any questions.
  7. The Financial Aid Office can only disburse financial aid to students who are currently enrolled for credits on at least a half-time basis at IUP. Students without credits in a given semester, such as those students attending the semester at Disney, are not eligible to receive any financial aid, unless you are scheduled for IUP Distance Education courses.

    Students who participate in the Disney College Program during the fall semester, for example, but who will return to IUP for the spring semester, must notify the Financial Aid Office at IUP by December that he or she is participating in the fall/spring Advantage Disney College Program. At that time, the student may request that his or her financial aid record be reactivated for spring financial aid consideration.

When you have arrived in Orlando or Anaheim and settled in, please let Sheila Gardner ( know that you have arrived, and please check your IUP e-mail regularly, as it is the system we will use to provide information to you, including your scheduling information for the following semester. Note: Business majors must contact Dean Geofrey Mills by e-mail ( for advisement and PIN.