Job Hunting on the Internet

Surfing the Internet has become one of the most preferred methods to finding employment, applying for jobs, and researching employers. You will find a variety of resources and services to assist you, and, used in conjunction with other job search strategies, you can greatly increase your opportunities for employment.

Tips For Using Online Career Resources

There are many ways that you can use this tool. Some organizations have created online resume databases which can be searched by employers for potential candidates. You may enter your personal data or electronically formatted resume which will then be transmitted to employers. As with personnel agencies, be aware that some organizations may charge a fee for this service.

  • Researching an employer electronically can help you get a better idea of the nature of an organization where you may want to work. Recruiters can supplement their annual reports or career literature by posting their job openings, position descriptions, career paths, or other significant information to attract the job hunter.
  • "Networking" takes on new meaning in the electronic job search. One of the best ways to develop yourself professionally, meet people who work in your field, and learn the current trends in your industry is to join an electronic discussion group. These are often sponsored by professional associations and provide access to practitioners in your chosen career interest area.
  • The electronic "want ads" have been growing exponentially as organizations realize the cost savings over advertising in newspapers. It makes sense for organizations who are looking for candidates with computer skills and familiarity of the Internet!

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