Forms for Current Students

Academic Honesty Pledge

Agreement to abide by the IUP Academic Integrity Policy

Junior Standing Waiver

If you are student looking to register for 300/400-level business courses but have not completed the requirements for junior standing, fill this form out and bring to Eberly 421 with your advising sheet.

Excess Credit Request

You are allowed 17.9 credits each semester as a full-time student, but you can request to take more using this form. Complete form with signatures and bring to Eberly 421 for approval.

Change in Catalog Year

Form use to request a change to your catalog year.

Change of Double Major

For students who want to change their double major

Change of Major

For students who want to change their major or add a secondary major

Dual Baccalaureate Application

Form used to apply for a second baccalaureate degree (rather than just a double major)

Dual Baccalaureate vs. Double Major

Frequently asked questions

Request to Remove Minor, Double Major, or Dual Baccalaureate

Form used to request removal of a minor, double major, or dual baccalaureate from your record

Permission to Repeat a Course

Form used when receiving the registration error "Needs Dean's Permission"

Permission to Substitute a Business Course

Form used to request to substitute a course for a business course

Petition for an Exception to a Liberal Studies Requirement

Request for exception or substitution for a Liberal Studies course. Exceptions to Liberal Studies requirements may be considered only in extreme or unusual circumstances.

Scheduling Time Conflict Resolution

Form to request permission to register for two courses whose times overlap