Dean Prashanth Bharadwaj speaking at an open house

In January 2022, Dean Prashanth Bharadwaj traveled to India to visit one of our international partners in education, PES University in Bangalore. While there, he hosted an open house attended by more than 55 students and their families to promote the local PES MBA program and the IUP-PES collaborative MBA program.

A series of open houses will be conducted between January and June, most of which Dean Bharadwaj will attend virtually and a couple more in person in March (Spring Break) and May (after graduation), to recruit for IUP’s MBA programs, including the new STEM-approved MBA in Supply Chain Management. One-on-one meetings are provided to interested students and their families where they receive all the necessary information to apply to the program of their choice.

The STEM designation provides better career opportunities for all students. For the international students, it provides a three-year stay back in the country in contrast to one year for other programs. There is much cautious excitement over this new program. STEM is a big deal!

Dean Prashanth Bharadwaj speaking at an open houseThe collaboration with PES University over the last two decades has resulted in nearly 1,500 students from India earning IUP degrees and over 200 American students having the occasion to travel to India for short-term study abroad opportunities.