Major:  Management Information Systems

Featured Activity:  ROTC and Football

Hometown:  Monroeville, PA

Current Employment:  2nd LT Army Aviation Officer

“The academic opportunities at Eberly College of Business were the driving factors in selecting Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Eberly is AACSB accredited, which is nationally renowned in the business world. From this indicator, I knew what I would get out of my time studying at IUP. Overall, my experiences as a student were atypical and unique, making my college experience challenging, but very enjoyable. I was challenged in the classroom, and strengthened both mentally and physically through the Army ROTC and Football programs. Above all, I am a “people over process individual.” I could not be happier with my accomplishments and the relationships I built with my fellow students and IUP staff. Being vastly involved at IUP, I had the ability to learn new perspectives, ideas, and cultures from individuals I had many commonalities with, but came from different parts of the world.

I grew up in Monroeville, Pennsylvania about fifty minutes from IUP, where I attended Gateway High School. When considering my course of action after high school, I knew I wanted to find a university I was comfortable at and fit my goals and aspirations. Over my four years at IUP, I had the opportunity to be a member of IUP’s nationally respected football program, Army ROTC program, and IUP’s accredited business college. Having the privilege to be a part of these programs, I was afforded the ability to build close relationships with athletes, cadets, students, and staff. All these opportunities have given me a toolbox of transferable skills that will carry with me for the challenges of the future.

I can still vividly remember my first time on campus for a college visit and touring the facilities. From the start, both the football and ROTC programs were a perfect fit for me. I also had the opportunity to visit Eberly, where I met with the faculty for my desired field of Management Information Systems. What stuck with me then, and even throughout the next four years, was the insight and support from the faculty body.

During my time in the IUP Army ROTC program, I built, refined, and applied my leadership abilities to be commissioned as an Active-Duty Army Aviation Officer. To prepare for my duties as an Aviation Officer, I spent a lot of my time in ROTC working with other cadets to learn and develop concepts of planning and leadership. Throughout my four years in the Warrior Battalion, I was given more responsibility and leadership roles each year. What I took from leading these younger cadets, was not telling them what to do, but rather building a relationship to mentor. I wanted them to be successful in the future, not only as a cadet, but as a student and as an individual.

I was a member of the IUP football team for four years. Here at IUP there is a rich football culture and highly successful, competitive program. The list is endless as to why I loved my time being part of this program, from the electric game day atmosphere to the tight knit bonds I made over the years with teammates. This program is another driving factor as to the person I am at today.

With all the opportunities I was given throughout my time at IUP, it was important for me to give back. I helped plan and operate the food pantry on campus by collecting, promoting, and distributing food for students in need on campus. I also had several other opportunities to raise money for Make a Wish Foundation and get involved with the community by reading children’s books to local school students in the community alongside the football team. I was also invited back to my high school on two occasions to sit down with high school students and give insight on how to find success in college, along with my experiences traveling abroad for a month to work with the Peruvian military. My intent was to help students understand the benefits of experiencing different cultures and perspectives around the world by getting involved.

I not only received an undergraduate degree in management information systems, but I was also commissioned as an Army Aviation Officer. I am very proud about these accomplishments; both were end goals based off of a four-year investment. I am most proud of everything experienced and accomplished in between. Looking back, sometimes I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, as college can be overwhelming. I did not want to leave anything on the table. I focused on the tools and skills I could gain, the experiences I could have, the involvement in the community, and relationship building. If there is one thing I am most proud of, it is looking back and seeing all that I packed into only four years of time. I will take these IUP experiences with me the rest of my life; it was all worth it.”


Mr. Jordan Washington is currently a 2nd LT Army Aviation Officer.  In November 2021, Jordan will report to Fort Rucker Alabama as a Flight School Student to complete the Army Aviation Flight Training and an Aviation Basic Officer Leadership Course.