Sarah LynnInternational Business and
Economics Majors

"I chose to come to IUP for numerous academic opportunities. Being part of the Honors College, Business Honors Program, and Honors Economics has provided me a challenging education and has made me more marketable for the job market. IUP has also given me chances to travel to several exciting places. Every trip I have taken has been an eye-opening experience that has helped me to grow and become more worldly."

I grew up in Mechanicsburg, Pa., a suburb of Harrisburg. I attended Cumberland Valley High School, graduating from a class of 625. When researching colleges, I was looking for a state school that offered big opportunities in a small setting. The academic options that I saw when visiting IUP also confirmed my decision. I was especially drawn to the innovative curriculum of the Robert E. Cook Honors College and the fact that there was such a fantastic Business Honors Program available.

I am a triple honors student, involved in the Cook Honors College, the Business Honors Program at Eberly, and Honors Economics. I found my experience at Cook to be nurturing, challenging and motivating. I was fulfilled and tested by the core curriculum. The Business Honors Program at Eberly has been equally rewarding. I find it impressive that IUP can offer this PASSHE school that is internationally recognized and also AACSB certified.

I have enjoyed every moment here at IUP. I thrived in the toughest parts of my education knowing that it would make me more marketable in the future. Some academic challenges included coauthoring an Econometrics thesis and collaborating on the Common Reader program with my Business Honors cohort.

The opportunities at IUP extend beyond the classroom. One extracurricular activity that I have been involved in is Gamma Sigma Sigma, a national service sorority. I have been in this sorority since the fall 2011 semester. My sorority engages in a lot of different activities and they vary each year. Some of the activities that are hosted every semester are Soldier Rally (a competition against other groups on campus where we collect items for care packages for soldiers who are deployed), a blood drive for the American Red Cross, and fundraisers for the American Cancer Society. Each semester we try to do at least one event with all of our service partners; the American Red Cross, March of Dimes, MADD, Alex's Lemonade Stand, and the American Cancer Society.

Being in Gamma Sigma Sigma has been incredibly beneficial for me because I feel like I am helping out my community, even if only in a small way. Also, I think my sorority has made me a more confident person. Being Membership Vice President ("Pledge Mom") put me into a role where I have a lot of responsibility. I am in charge of the new members to make sure that they have a positive experience and that they complete their membership requirements. During my time in Gamma Sigma Sigma, I have also held the position of alumni liaison and financial secretary. I am most proud of my position as Membership Vice President because I feel like I am contributing to the future success of my sorority.

After my freshman year at IUP, I was fortunate enough to travel to Turkey and Greece with the Honors College. The next summer, I was able to study in Nancy, France with an IUP program. Finally, I traveled to India through Eberly's program. These experiences have not only added to my repertoire but have made me a more mature and global thinker.

I was able to work part-time as an undergraduate assistant in the Technology Support & Training Department. I worked alongside Dr. William McPherson and learned so much. He's just one of the many professors that have been part of my academic experience. My professors have not only taught me well, but have also offered advice for my future.