Megan (Bond) Hinrichsen - Applied Anthropology graduate EARNS FULBRIGHT FOR RESEARCH IN ECUADOR Right after earning her BA in Applied Anthropology from IUP in 2008, Megan Bond Hinrichsen entered the PhD program in Anthropology at Southern Methodist University. Thanks to a Fulbright grant, she researched the health and social impacts of small loans on the families of informal sector entrepreneurs in Quito, Ecuador.

Training and Perspective of Anthropology Serves Many Fields

In today's multi-cultural and increasingly international world, the ability to understand diverse human behavior and communicate effectively in a variety of situations is highly valued. A degree in anthropology from IUP gives you the unique training and perspective that will serve you well in higher education, teaching, research, international health organizations, federal, state and local governmental organizations, and consulting firms.


With a BA in Anthropology, consider careers in:

  • Museums
  • Health organizations
  • Development banks
  • Planning departments
  • Research institutes
  • Forensics
  • Archeology
  • Teaching
  • Public health
  • Marketing firms
  • Anthropology laboratories
  • Government
  • Multinational corporations

The Path to Higher Degrees

While there are many opportunities with a BA in Anthropology, more specialized work such as research or teaching positions at colleges and universities, require one of the following higher degrees:

  • MA in Anthropology
  • MA in Applied Anthropology
  • MA in Applied Archaeology
  • PhD in Anthropology
  • PhD in Archaeology