Meggie Pace discusses her experiences as an Anthropology/Archaeology major at IUP, including her internship, which took her to China.

Understand the Whole Panorama of the Human Condition

Easy to define, but hard to describe: anthropology is both exotic and commonplace, sweeping and microscopic.

As an anthropology major you will explore a discipline that encompasses a broad range of people, ideas, perspectives, and research methods. You will cultivate skills in conducting research, critical thinking, and oral and written expression. You will also have opportunities to engage in internships, field experiences, and trips abroad.

Why Anthropology?

The science of anthropology begins with a simple but enormously powerful idea: that any particular aspect of our behavior can be fully understood only when it is placed against the background provided by the full range of human behavior.

With an anthropology degree from IUP you will:

  • Analyze the historical and contemporary factors that shape the human experience, and analyze the breadth of groups' cultural responses to those factors using your analyses to develop potential interventions.
  • Explore the historical development of human languages and unravel the relationships between different social groups whose relationships are enacted and represented in language practices.
  • Study the natural history of the human species and attempt to understand the biological basis for human nature.
  • Investigate prehistoric peoples and recent cultures through excavation and analysis.

The World Needs Anthropology Majors

Few jobs are listed under the heading anthropologist. But the career opportunities with a BA in anthropology are plentiful.

In addition to work with archaeology firms, physical anthropology labs, NGOs, and museums, a variety of employers in both the public and private sectors seek employees with anthropological knowledge and research skills.

Expected Outcomes With an Undergraduate Degree in Anthropology

Every student receives a solid grounding in all four aspects of the discipline and can tailor his or her specific interests by following one of the three tracks.

  • Archaeology concentration: Prepare for graduate programs or opportunities in archaeology and cultural resource management.
  • Applied Anthropology concentration: Attain a background in anthropological method and theory, a cross-cultural perspective, and an avenue to translate this knowledge into action.
A group of students and a professor study cultures in Belize

Going the Extra Mile for Students
Professor Beverly Chiarulli (left) traveled with students Tom Wambaugh, Sarah Williams, Brittany Walters, and Ali Littman to Belize to study the Structure 5C Mask Reconstruction at Cerros Belize.

The IUP Difference

Anthropology faculty. Our full-time professors bring a combination of scholarship and real world experience to the classroom. Highly involved with their students, faculty members engage students in their research as well as guiding them on trips both local and abroad.

Internships. We have a well-developed internship program and have placed students in internships for more than 20 years.

Archaeological Services. Archaeological sites are the reservoir of more than 15,000 years of Pennsylvania history. The Archaeological Services research center provides technical assistance to a wide variety of agencies and is fully staffed and well equipped to conduct field and laboratory projects across the state.