Breezedale Use and Fees

A charge for the facility requested will be assessed based on the length of use and the size of the facility in accordance with the following fee structure, revised March 1995.

The following users will be granted a 50 percent reduction of the fees outlined below: elementary and secondary public schools; charitable organizations for events at which no fee is required; and local, state, and federal government agencies.

Charges for event support are dependent on the amount of personnel needed to support the event. If above normal staffing is required, charges are likely.

To determine if your event will need to pay for extra services or overtime costs, send an e-mail message to Leroy King, Custodial Services manager, at providing details of your event and contact information.

Student organizations charging an admission fee, requesting a donation, or conducting fundraising activity of nonacademic nature will be assessed 25 percent of the fees listed below.

  • Breezedale (entire building): $300 per hour; $600 minimum
  • First Floor: $200 per hour; $400 minimum
  • Second Floor: $100 per hour; $200 minimum
  • Library: $100 per hour; $200 minimum
  • Parlor: $75 per hour; $150 minimum
  • Dining Room: $50 per hour; $100 minimum
  • Mack and Bonya Meeting Rooms: $50 per hour; $100 minimum
  • Snell and Filcik Meeting Rooms: $40 per hour; $80 minimum

Any group (university or private) neglecting to cancel in writing, in person, or by e-mail will be charged $25 per room reserved plus a facility manager fee.

Use of outside help (contractors, rental agencies, etc.) must first be approved. Click here to learn more about using outside help.

Reminder: In addition to the fees listed, all non-university groups must also procure a minimum amount of liability and property damage insurance of $100,000/$300,000 bodily injury and $50,000 property damage, which covers both the user and the university for the specific period of use.

More information about facilities management at IUP.

All reservations are to be submitted using 25Live.