View of the IUP Oak Grove

Our partnership with HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, is also something more—it's a partnership with you.

That's why we've set it up to be student-centered and streamlined. You can look forward to a smooth transition from HACC to IUP, earning both your degrees while enjoying the many advantages of our new program.

From Day One: Option to Access IUP Facilities, Option to Live on Campus

Once you decide to take part in dual admission, you'll have the option to access IUP facilities and academic resources, like the writing center, advisors, the library, tutoring, and career services. This can enhance your education from day one, while you are initially enrolled at HACC.

You'll also have the option to live on the IUP campus and have a meal plan while taking classes at HACC, paying community college tuition.

It's our way of saying you are a valued member of the IUP family, even before you begin your IUP courses. We believe in you and in where your dreams and hard work will take you.

Here’s How It All Works

Your Automatic Acceptance to IUP

If you are enrolled at HACC and complete the IUP/HACC Dual Enrollment Agreement and are approved, you'll be given automatic acceptance to IUP, as long as you successfully complete all admission requirements successfully. You won't need an additional IUP admissions application.

Courses that Flow Seamlessly

To take the worry out of transferring your hard-earned credits, we have course plans already in place for seamless transfers in a variety of majors. This gives you a clear and direct path from your associate degree to your bachelor's degree.

Staff Who Help You Stay on Track

Since 2015, a total of 484 students from HACC have transferred to IUP to complete their academic studies. This number includes 170 students who were dual-enrolled high school students while at HACC. From day one, you'll find friendly staff who are ready to help you get past any barriers that get in the way of your success. 

Transfer-Friendly Majors

The following programs are under the TAOC statewide legislation that guarantees junior standing after completing the corresponding associate's degree.

  • Accounting, BS
  • Communications Media / Media Marketing, BS
  • Communications Media/ Media Production, BS
  • Communications Media/ Media Studies, BS
  • Computer Science, BA
  • Computer Science/ Software Engineering, BS
  • Criminology, BA
  • Early Childhood Education/Special Education, BSEd
  • Finance, BS
  • Human Resource Management, BS
  • International Business, BS
  • Management Information Systems/ Information Technology, BS
  • Management/, BS
  • Management Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, BS
  • Management/ Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing, BS
  • Psychology, BA

Requirements to Apply for Dual Admission

To qualify, students must:

  • Be currently admitted and enrolled at HACC.
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or the minimum grade point average required by the IUP program they have chosen.
  • Have earned less than 30 credit hours before applying for the dual admissions declaration.
  • Plan to pursue both an associate degree and a bachelor's degree.

A student is not eligible for dual admissions if:

  • The student is already enrolled in another dual admissions program.
  • The student does not meet the above criteria.
  • The student is not in good standing with either institution's Student Code of Student Conduct.

Who to Turn to if You Have Questions