The Crimson Achievement Program provides the opportunity for students who we believe have the potential to succeed but have not yet exhibited the level of achievement necessary to gain entrance to IUP.

Who should participate in the Crimson Achievement Program?

Any student not granted admission to IUP as a first-time student has the opportunity to meet the qualifications necessary to be admitted to IUP as a transfer student.  Generally, this means

  • Earning 12 college-level, non-developmental credits at an accredited college
  • Having no less than a cumulative 2.0 GPA in college coursework

Some majors do have higher requirements for program admission.

Why should you participate?

IUP is dedicated to providing opportunities to students.  By committing yourself to academic growth by completing the necessary college-level credits, you can demonstrate your ability to succeed here at IUP.  We will help guide you through this process to help make your transition to IUP as seamless as possible.  By providing individual guidance, IUP will help you be confident in your course selections and the steps to becoming an IUP student.

We believe you can find your success here at IUP, and we are prepared to help you prepare to take advantage of this opportunity!

Just complete and submit this short form (pdf) so that one of our transfer counselors can reach out to you!