Who applies under the late application process?

Perhaps you only recently heard about the Cook Honors College and it seems like the right fit for you. Maybe you haven’t been as caught up as some are in the college search process. You may have thought you were headed to another university, but in looking at the financial aid package you were awarded, you want to broaden your search. There are many valid reasons for applying under the late decision process.

What happens during the late application process?

Our late decision process is, in many ways, the same as our early and regular admission processes. We will ask you to submit the same application materials. 

Where the late process differs is in regard to our response time to you once you have completed your application and the opportunity for full consideration for merit scholarships. Once your application is completely submitted, we will be able to get an admission response to you quickly. Scholarship dollars for merit scholarships are committed during the early and regular admission process; therefore, merit scholarship offers will be considered based on merit of the application compared to availability of scholarship dollars remaining.

How do I submit a late application?

Visit the Honors College admissions website for information about applying.

We also encourage you to e-mail honors@iup.edu with your intention to submit a late application, so that we can keep you informed of any updates during our late admission process.