Cook Honors College Application: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some important considerations regarding your application to the Cook Honors College. Please remember to learn more by visiting the Cook Honors College site as well.

Can I apply to the Cook Honors College for any term?

No. Students may only be considered for the Cook Honors College for the fall term of any academic year.

Are there any restrictions for majors when applying to the Cook Honors College?

Students may apply to any major at IUP when seeking admission to the Cook Honors College. Some majors, including dietetics, education, nursing, speech-language pathology and audiology, art, music, and theater, have special admission requirements for freshmen and for transfers.

Because of size restrictions, students interested in nursing or speech-language pathology and audiology need to submit applications earlier than for other programs. While Speech-Language applicants have until December 15 to submit their applications, Nursing students have only as long as the program has space; this varies from year to year, but the program has closed anytime between late December and early February.

If I'm unsure if I want to apply to the Cook Honors College, do I have to wait to submit my application?

You do not have to wait and are encouraged to complete your undergraduate application. If you are considering applying to the Cook Honors College, we urge you to go ahead and indicate this on the application and submit the additional questions for consideration. Your admission to the university is not affected by your admission to the Cook Honors College.

I already submitted my undergraduate application, but now I want to apply to the Cook Honors College. What do I do?

You only have to complete and submit the Cook Honors College Questions Supplement .

You do not need to reapply for admission.

Can transfer students apply for the Cook Honors College?

Yes. The Cook Honors College accepts sophomore transfer students. Any student with fewer than 30 credit hours may apply as a transfer student.

Visit the Cook Honors College Transfer Applicant page for more information.