Minutes of the November 28, 2012 ACPAC Meeting

Academic Computing Policy Advisory Committee

Minutes of November 28, 2012

  • In Attendance:Ali, Angel, Asamoah, Balint, Blood, Brzycki, Cunningham, Ezekiel, Ford, Fortushniak, Giever, Lenze, P. McDevitt, T. McDevitt, McElroy, Mocek, Moore, O'Neil, Onyett, Pagnucci, Powers, Rodgers, Schwartz, Sherwood, VanWieren, Yost, Yuhas.
  • Excused: Lowery, J.B. Smith.
  • Guests:David Stout (Digital Commons Services), Dean Gonzalez.

Proceedings of the Meeting

  • Approval of Minutes
    • The October 17, 2012 minutes were approved unanimously (m/s Ezekiel/Brzycki)
  • Co-Chairs' Report
    • Financial Report - The ACPAC balance is $6,825.92.
    • Announcements - None.
  • Guest Presentation
    • Digital Commons (David Stout) and Dr. Luis Gonzalez(Dean of IUP Libraries) - The Digital Commons Repository program, a product of Berkley Electronic Press (bpress.com), is a web-based showcase of scholarship and academic output. It is a commercial grade publishing program. Gonzalez said that the IUP Library is considering adopting Digital Commons to give IUP more visibility and enhance our presence and image nationally and internationally. Many higher education institutions are now using Digital Commons. Stout gave a demonstration of some of the features of Digital Commons. It is "an online showcase" that provides the ability to collect, aggregate, organize, and showcase the scholarship and creative output that takes place within an academic institution. It also enables publishing, and provides open-access to scholarship. It is a web-based hosted service and is an online submission management tool. More than 500 journals are being published via Digital Commons. There are more than 250 institutions that are subscribed to Digital Commons. The system can handle books and images as well. The point is not just to collect material, but to get it read. Digital Commons also manages search engine optimization. He also discussed the Digital Commons Network (network.bpress.com) which is a disciplinary based view of scholarship across the Digital Commons customer based community, that is a 3-tiered taxonomy that provides the ability to look at related disciplines and do searches across disciplines.

  • Standing Reports
    • CIO office (Cunningham)
      • Microsoft IT Academy Program - The Microsoft IT Academy Program is part of PASSHE Microsoft Campus Agreement. The agreement gives availability for anyone (IUP employees and students) interested in learning more about Microsoft products and how the software can be used in the classroom. Cunningham asked if it should be marketed to the IUP community. He also asked if there should be a committee to explore and evaluate the IT Academy program to determine what it is, find out if it is useful, and see if we want to market it to the rest of the institution. O'Neil, Brzycki, Mocek, P McDevitt, possibly a student, and a designate from IT Services. O'Neil will be the contact for the group.
    • On-Line Learning Subcommittee (Brzycki)
      • Have members from every college but would like additional faculty from Humanities, NSM to be represented on subcommittee.
      • New Proctoring software (HANDOUT) - Proctor Now - will be exploring information. Would also like additional members to explore this software.
      • Suggested that there be a panel on Academic Integrity for Technology Day in January.
      • On 12/15 there will be an upgrade to D2L 10.0 (HANDOUT). Seating Chart will be implemented without pictures - explore option of student uploading pictures. Notifications (grade values) possible FERPA issues. Blackboard Collaborate - Wimba will continue for a while. OLC approved all but Notifications (grade values). 1/3 - 12/14 - It Services will be providing information by colleges.
      • OLC recommends all new features be turned on with the exception of Notification of grades, pending more information. Approved.
      • OLC has been invited to test drive Moodle.
    • Taskforce on Accessibility Guidelines (Brzycki)
      • Looking at electronic accessibility
    • Emerging Technologies Subcommittee (Sherwood)
      • Looking at proposals and evaluating current blog system - did survey - waiting on results.
    • Student Operations Subcommittee (Blood)
      • Luminis Portal - one stop shop for student, faculty and staff. September 2013 rollout to everyone on campus.
      • Academic Calendars for 13/14 and 14/15 are approved and posted.
  • Action Team Reports
    • Mobile Applications Action Team (Powers)
      • On track to release in January. Framework does not support Microsoft Windows phones. Supported through end of 2013.
    • Collaboration System Action Team (T. McDevitt)
      • Eric Barker joined the Action Team; he has agreed to test Luminis in spring 2013.

  • New Business
    • Kopchick College request to enhance Banner functionality - McElroy
      • Would like the following:
        • Tool be developed to immediately access midterm grades.
        • Import grades from Moodle, D2L or URSA into Banner (midterm and finals).
        • Test Scoring - Can individual student grade reports be uploaded into student files?
      • Nate will forward email regarding first three items to Todd Cunningham.

  • Old Business
    • None

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm. The next ACPAC meeting will be January 30, 2013.