In attendance: Balint, Blood, Branthoover, Brzycki, Chiarulli, Dadson, Donley, Gillham, Gruber, Janosko, McCoy, McDevitt, McFerron, O'Neil, Onyett, Smith, VanWieren, Woodland, Yuhas.

Excused: Kemp, McElroy, Pankaj, Reed, Sherwood, Yost.

Absent: Asamoah, Giever, Kornfeld, Pagnucci.

Guest: Todd Cunningham


Approval of Minutes from the February 4, 2009 Meeting.

The minutes were approved as posted on the ACPAC website.

Co-Chairs' Report:

Financial Report

Rick McFerron provided this report:

Balance in SAP: $34,086.84


No changes in the membership. The seat for the faculty representative from Northpointe has not yet been filled.


Rick announced that the presentations have been selected for the C-CUE Student Technology Forum to be held 20 Mar 09 at Edinboro University. There will be two IUP students presenting.

A committee has been reviewing the university contract for the Student Voice survey service. It has been determined that another product, Qualtrics, would be a better solution. Efforts will begin to procure this service.

Standing Reports:

Funds Review Subcommittee (McFerron)

Proposals for the ACPAC Exploration and Innovation Fund are due 13 Mar 09 electronically to

Report from the Virtual Environments Coordinating Committee (Onyett)

Bylaws are being developed and will be submitted to ACPAC for approval.

Report from the Web Task Force (Brzycki)

IUP is now on YouTube and Facebook. Team is shorthanded because Elaine Jacobs is on maternity leave. "Sticky" news is being developed to allow departments to highlight important news. Major upgrade to Ektron is expected to occur on May 31st.

Report from the Student Computing Subcommittee (McDevitt)

The student survey is about ready to be administered. There is interest in reviewing the Civility 101 poster.

Report from the On-line Learning Subcommittee (Brzycki)

A packet of Moodle-related materials was distributed. An e-mail will be sent to faculty members informing them of the transition to Moodle and asking for input. A PowerPoint presentation is available providing background on the Moodle environment. The accessibility document was distributed and will be discussed later. This is regarding Section 508 of the ADA that may require the university to assure that online courses are completely accessible. The branding of the Moodle environment was discussed but no decisions were reached.

Report from the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee (Onyett)

No report.

Report from the Student Operations Group (Pankaj)

Initiatives related to Developmental Students Student Tracking, the Fall upgrade to Banner 8, the masking of SSN data, and the support of distance education websites were discussed.

Report from the CIO office (Balint)

No report.

Reports from the Action Teams:

Open Source Software Team -- Sherwood, Convener

The document was read providing the resolution of issues surrounding concerns raised by the Technology Operations Team (TOT).

PRS Team -- McFerron, Convener

Discussions are underway with Turning Technologies, the potential provider of the Personal Response System software and hardware.

Training/Professional Development Team -- Pagnucci, Convener

No report.

Digital Repository Team -- Sherwood, Convener

Review of DSpace and Fedora Commons is proceeding through the hands-on evaluation phase.

New Business:

Student Pictures

E-mail from Mark Staszkiewicz was distributed indicating that he desired to be able to access student pictures to help support the identification of students for instructional purposes. Questions were raised as to whether it would be appropriate to discuss with Student Government, distribute a student survey or to discuss with other faculty. ACPAC members were asked to discuss this issue with their constituents. At the next meeting, a determination will be made whether ACPAC should take action or not.

Optical Test Scoring

IUP's Exam System II optical test scoring system is at end-of-life and a team consisting of faculty and IT personnel will be forming to begin the process of finding a replacement.

Old Business:

IT Service Levels in Colleges

It was reported that IT support and services delivered to faculty will generally remain segmented by college, noting that requirements and priorities are different among the various colleges and that college-specific support is an important component of IUP's College Technology Manager (CTM) philosophy. With that said, It was noted that via the Technology Operations Team (TOT) that a variety of IT services involving faculty have been made common and that the trend will likely continue while always keeping college-specific flexibility a key component of such decisions.

E-mail quotas

Three options for increasing e-mail quotas were discussed. This issue will be discussed further once cost is determined.

Recommendations for Improving Internal IUP Communications (Sherwood)

Deferred to next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:57 PM.

Next Meeting: April 8, 2009


Prepared by Rick McFerron with notes from Bill Balint and Ed Donley.