In attendance: Asamoah, Balint, Branthoover, Brzycki, Chiarulli, Giever, Janosko, Kornfeld, McCoy, McDevitt, McElroy, McFerron, O'Neil, Onyett, Pankaj, Reed, Sherwood, Smith, Woodland, Yuhas.

Excused: Pagnucci, Yost.

Absent: Dadson, Gillham, Holbrook, Kemp, VanWieren.


Approval of Minutes from the May 7, 2008 Meeting.

The minutes were approved as posted on the ACPAC website.

Co-Chairs' Report:

Financial Report

Rick McFerron provided this report:

Balance in SAP:
07-08 balance:
Expected balance:


ACPAC members from 07-08 that can no longer serve are: Moore (department chair), Roach (resigned from ACPAC), Shim (resigned from university), Travis (no longer Northpointe faculty), Wolfe (retired from university).

A welcome was extended to new ACPAC members Michele McCoy (Journalism, HSS Faculty) and Mark Reed (Computer Science major, undergraduate representative). There are three vacancies in the ACPAC membership: NSM faculty, HHS faculty, and Northpointe faculty.


Rick McFerron explained that he would continue in his role as Administrative Co-chair of ACPAC while serving a temporary assignment as Director of Distance Learning and Continuing Education. Bill Balint will provide some additional administrative support for ACPAC activities.

The teaching facility in the library is nearing completion. AOG will make a determination as to how the facility can be scheduled by faculty for classes. The classroom will have 45 laptops that can be remotely locked into the furniture. Besides the standard multimedia classroom equipment, the facility will also have video conferencing capabilities.

The ACPAC website is being migrated to the new university format. If you have any suggestions for changes to the website, please contact the co-chairs.

Standing Reports:

Report from the CIO office (Balint)

The IT Support Center in Delaney Hall celebrated its first anniversary during the semester start-up and contacts with the center nearly doubled during the weekend prior to the start of classes through the conclusion of the first day. A record of more than 560 contacts were made on Aug. 28.

Report from Funds Review Subcommittee (McFerron)

This subcommittee will be reconvened to discuss the 08-09 distribution of the ACPAC innovation funds.

Report from the Student Computing Subcommittee (McDevitt)

The subcommittee will make its initial report of the academic year during the October meeting.

Report from the On-line Learning Subcommittee (Brzycki)

A paper copy of report distributed. First meeting of the semester is scheduled 9/8/08. The committee anticipates a report on the intensive review of the three LMS systems (Sakai, Moodle, PAASSHE Blackboard) at the end of the month in preparation for the next meeting. One of the major activities for AY 2008-2009 is addressing accessibility of online course in compliance with the Federal Rehabilitation Act, specifically sections 504 and 508.

Report from the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee (Onyett)

A paper copy of two reports were distributed. The Movable Type blogging service is now available for faculty and there has been favorable feedback from faculty who have used it. ACPAC members are encouraged to share this information with fellow faculty. An announcement will be forthcoming. IT Services will be working to move the streaming media service to more of a YouTube-type' experience and progress is underway. Phase II of the project, which will simplify the process currently available for submitting work, is underway.

Report from the Student Operations Group (Pankaj)

Reports from the Action Teams:

PRS Team -- McFerron, Convener

Report deferred to the next meeting.

Training/Professional Development Team -- Pagnucci, Convener

No report.

Collaboration/Expertise Team -- Yost, Convener

No report.

Digital Repository Team -- Sherwood, Convener

The group members are individually researching each of six potential digital repository products and reviewing them with reference to a feature matrix revised by Chris Clouser. Later this month, the team will review and recommend two for test installations in October. We intend to recommend a product to ACPAC by the end of the semester. Products under consideration: DSpace; ContentDM; Fedora; BePress; Eprints; Greenstone.

Survey Team -- Giever, Convener

No report.

Open Source Software Team -- Sherwood, Convener

This action team will be meeting next week to finalize recommendations on default file formats for internal/external document sharing. This is part one of two under our charge. Following approval of the recommended default formats, we'll work on support and distribution of an open-source software toolbox. (Draft).

New Business:

IT Support Center

Paper copies of two web pages of particular interest to faculty were distributed along with a verbal reminder that faculty IT support is centered on the College Technology Manager (CTM) for main campus faculty. Exceptions are WebCT and related products as well as optical test scoring. Regional campus faculty receive support from the IT Support Center and should call 724-357-4000.

Old Business:

Anti-spam Pilot

The anti-spam pilot has been highly successful and IT Services is paying to fund a university-wide license for the Pollustop product. Documentation will be forthcoming at the October ACPAC meeting with the intent of making the product available to the entire IUP community by the end of the calendar year.

IUP website conversion

ACPAC agreed that John Veilleux should be invited to provide an update on the web project for the October ACPAC meeting.

Other Business:

Voice mail for faculty

The ACPAC recommendation that all faculty be provided with either voice mail or an answering machine upon request was presented to the Council of Deans and will be part of budget planning discussions for 2009-10, although no commitment for funding was received at this time.

Web of Science

Qualitative analysis software

The university provides SPSS to student in support of quantitative research. A request was made to extend this approach to qualitative research products. This will be discussed at the October meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:19 PM.

Next Meeting: October 1, 2008


Prepared by Bill Balint with notes from Lynnan Mocek.