Mission Statement

IUP's Accounting and Information Systems Department blends classroom experience with real-world expertise in a technological environment. Our goal is to provide you with an affordable, well-rounded education that will allow graduates to choose from multiple accounting career options in public accounting, government, industry, information systems, and nonprofit organizations. We strive to make our program work for you, and we offer one of the largest and most qualified accounting facilities in western Pennsylvania. Accounting is a challenging discipline that will provide students with employable skills that can be applied in a variety of career opportunities.

As an accounting major, you'll be studying in the Eberly College of Business. All of your classes are taught by faculty members—never by graduate students.

Our mission is to prepare students who will assist and lead in the application of current and emerging Information Technology (IT), to create strategic and competitive advantage, and to create operational efficiency and effectiveness.The department will also provide the community and the commonwealth with knowledge and access to education consistent with the demands of the marketplace. The Accounting and Information Systems Department will do this through qualified faculty members who excel in both teaching and scholarship and remain invested in continuous skill and knowledge enhancement in this rapidly changing field. The department will provide a balanced curriculum rich in both business and technical concepts/skills. State-of-the-art technology will be available for experimentation and learning, and collaboration with organizations will be available to gain real world experience and apply the learning to a real life situation. These will converge to provide students with hybrid technical and business leadership skills for a variety of organizations.