About Major and Career Exploration

What is your major? What are you going to be when you “grow up?”

These can be very intimidating, not to mention frustrating, questions if you’re unsure of what the answer to those questions are. Don’t worry—you’re not alone! Most college students don’t really know the answer to those questions even when they seem to have a quick, sure response.

Don’t sell yourself short. Explore your options. Do what you want to do. Do what will make YOU happy, not what will make your parents or friends happy. THIS IS YOUR LIFE! When you do find the answers to those dreaded questions, you will be happy you did explore your options.

You are probably asking yourself: That’s great, but where do I start looking? Well, one place to being your search is the Major and Career Exploration Center! We are located in Room 103K Stabley Library. You can reach us by calling 724-357-5701 or e-mailing us at mcec-explore@iup.edu.