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Help Students Live Better Lives as a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

Would you like to teach students how to improve their lives? There are so many decisions they make on a daily basis that have long-term consequences. You’ll be prepared to teach students the skills they need to make the best choices by earning your BSEd degree in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Your education will take place in the classroom and through a wide variety of field experiences. These experiences will prepare you to teach students how to:

  • Live a balanced lifestyle
  • Make consumer choices
  • Manage personal finances
  • Nurture children
  • Prepare nutritious meals

The family and consumer sciences major prepares you to be certified to teach family and consumer sciences from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.

You will be taught by professors who care a lot about your success. Since your advisor is a faculty member, you’ll get the personalized guidance you need to make the best academic decisions.

Why Study Family and Consumer Sciences Education at IUP?

IUP has a long history of creating great teachers. As an IUP graduate, you'll have the education necessary to join our alumni who are successful teachers across Pennsylvania.

Your classes will focus on topics that your students will need to know to successfully solve the problems they will face in life. You’ll learn:

  • Child development
  • Educational psychology
  • Family life education
  • Nutrition
  • Personal and family management
  • School law
  • Textiles

Your first field experience will begin in your sophomore year. You’ll become confident in your teaching abilities by being placed in early childhood, middle school, and high school classrooms.

To teach in today’s classroom, you need a solid foundation in skills that are woven into IUP’s family and consumer sciences program. These skills include creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to blend technology with classroom instruction.

Start Out Ahead

Transfer in credits from high school or a community college, or bring in your child development associate credential for nine IUP credits.

Imagine Your Future

Through your work as an educator, you’ll inspire others to overcome the challenges of living and working in today’s society. The demand for teachers is projected to grow five percent from 2021 to 2031.

When you graduate, you can become certified to teach family and consumer sciences in grades pre-K through 12. Your other career options include working in health or social service settings.

Whichever career path you choose, you'll find it is very rewarding to teach young people how to establish productive and safe homes and communities.

Similar Occupations

  • Community or parent educator
  • Extension agent
  • Personal/family finance consultant

Median annual wage for high school teachers, except special education:



Classes and Requirements

One of the most exciting parts of this program is that you’ll learn by doing.

Your BSEd in Family and Consumer Sciences degree courses place a lot of importance on providing hands-on experiences. To build on what you learn in the classroom, you’ll follow IUP’s three-step process for teacher education.

You'll learn how to communicate with and teach students of various ages in:

  • Pre-student Teaching Experience I
  • Pre-student Teaching Experience II
  • Student Teaching Experience

Since you can start the pre-teaching experiences as early as your sophomore year, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in the classroom when you do your student teaching.

Teacher Certification Requirements

All students seeking teacher certification must meet the requirements of the Three-Step Process for Teacher Education.

Full Academic Catalog Listing

The course catalog is the official reference for all our degree and course offerings. Check it out for a full listing of the classes available and requirements for this degree.

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Join the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Student Association

Make friends and get valuable advice from current family and consumer sciences teachers by joining the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Student Association.

Here, you’ll find a community of people that share your interests. You’ll enjoy listening to guest speakers and can contribute to the community through various volunteer opportunities.

You can also be mentored by current FCS teachers through the professional organization and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. You can also attend the organization’s state and national conferences. Financial support is available to attend the conferences, thanks to the professional organization.

Interested in joining? Contact the advisor, Sarah Brown (Sarah.Brown@iup.edu), or join via the Crimson Connect page.

Family and Consumer Sciences Minor

If you are interested in serving families, you might want to add the 18-credit Family and Consumer Sciences Minor to your studies. This minor will help prepare you for a career serving families in a variety of fields.

If you are already an education major, adding this minor can help you prepare to take the Family and Consumer Science Content Knowledge exam needed to obtain Pennsylvania FCS PK-12 certification.

You can add the minor on MyIUP.

Full Academic Catalog Listing

The course catalog is the official reference for all our degree and course offerings. Check it out for a full listing of the classes available and requirements for this minor.

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