The type of sanction a student may receive depends on the level at which a referral is made. It is important to note that faculty members may refer a student to any level based upon the severity of the violation.

Level I or Level II

  • Single grade reduction
  • Failure of a project or paper
  • Course grade reduction
  • Failure of a course
  • Completion of a constructive or educational task

Level III

  • Letter of warning
  • Disciplinary probation
  • Involuntary withdrawal from some segment of IUP course/program
  • Suspension from IUP for a specified amount of time*
  • Expulsion (Most serious sanction; generally only considered when student has already been suspended or has multiple violations)*

*These sanction can only be recommended at the Academic Integrity Board level and can be imposed only by the president of the institution, or the vice president for Student Affairs acting as the president's designee.

Note: Whatever sanction is recommended by the faculty member at the Academic Integrity Board level is the maximum sanction to be recommended by the board, unless additional violations exist.