Faculty and Staff Roles in Academic Integrity

Any issues occurring within a classroom, class-related activity, or class-related function fall within the Academic Integrity Policy and are referred to the Provost's Office. Issues that are non-class related are referred to the Judicial Board.

The Academic Integrity Policy provides a meaningful process to address various levels of student conduct that impact the academic process and ensures the students receive due process for more serious cases of academic violations. IUP's Academic Integrity Policy has been approved by the University Senate, the president, and the Council of Trustees.

Questions or concerns regarding Academic Integrity should be referred to Holly Olexo in the Provost Office, 724-357-3001 or olexo@iup.edu.


Types of Violations
A listing of the 12 types of violations outlined by the Academic Integrity Policy

Referral Procedure
A guide to assist faculty and students with understanding the Academic Integrity process

Possible Sanctions
A listing of the possible sanctions that may result from an Academic Integrity violation

Process Flowchart
A flowchart designed to help faculty and students understand the process for handling Academic Integrity violations

Policy and Procedures
A .pdf copy of IUP's academic integrity policy


Documented Agreement

Formal Adjudication