Online Writing Center Services: Meet Us Online

  • Student at a Writing Center computerYou Have Two Options for Online Writing Center Assistance

    1. Schedule an appointment to meet with a tutor online.
    2. Asynchronous tutoring will be available again soon.

    No Software, No Account, No Training, No Hassle.

    Online Writing Center sessions happen in Zoom, an easy-to-use conferencing tool that allows you to share your screen with a tutor. Using your computer’s microphone, you’ll discuss and revise your paper with a tutor’s help.

    Before You Schedule an Appointment:

    • Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance.
    • We limit each student to two appointments per week. 

    Follow These Easy Steps to Use the Online Writing Center:

    1. Schedule an appointment on our calendar.
    2. Check your email for instructions on how to launch your session. 

    Need some help? Email us at, or call 724-357-3029.

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