The Jones White Writing Center is prepared to meet the needs of all IUP graduate students including support during coursework, in the thesis/dissertation phase, and beyond. Below is a summary of our services:

Graduate Tutoring

We offer one-on-one tutorials with trained graduate students in face-to-face and both synchronous and asynchronous online options.  Graduate students can benefit from tutorials at any stage during their educational journey at IUP. 

Graduate Editing, iThenticate, and Formatting Service

The Graduate Editing Service is designed for students who are getting near to defending their thesis or dissertation. Sign up for specialized tutorials that help you with iThenticate, dissertation and thesis formatting, and copyediting your work.

Thesis and Dissertation Writing Boot Camps

Once per semester, we offer a Thesis and Dissertation Writing Boot Camp.  This day-long event on a Saturday is offered via Zoom.  We feature five different writing workshops (with new workshops each semester), tutorials with writing center tutors and other support offices on campus (Applied Research Lab, Library, Thesis and Dissertation Office), and a silent writing room. 

Graduate Writing Groups

Each semester and during summers we offer Graduate Writing Groups. Small groups of students meet every two weeks to set goals, share their work, and learn from an experienced tutor.  The groups are designed to support advanced graduate students during independent writing of a thesis or dissertation. Our groups have demonstrated to increase students’ writing productivity, goal setting, writing self-efficacy, and more.