Federal Tuition Assistance FTA

Who is eligible?

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA), also referred to as Tuition Assistance (TA), is offered to qualified members of the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Active Duty Army as well as Air Force Active Duty and National Guard members.

Soldiers must be a graduate of Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT), or the equivalent, and must wait one year after completing this initial entry training before they can participate in the TA program.

Soldiers who use TA funds to complete a four-year baccalaureate degree are required to wait 10 years before using TA to pursue a post-graduate degree.

How does funding work?

This program provides tuition funding of up to $4,000 per federal fiscal year (October 1 to September 30) at a rate of $250 per credit. If a soldier applies for TA benefits in combination with other benefits, such as the GI Bill® or Education Assistance Program, he or she must be aware that their funding from other sources may be affected and that IUP must adhere to federal and state regulations when paying benefits from multiple program sources.

How do I apply?

Soldiers must apply for Federal Tuition Assistance prior to the beginning of classes. Soldiers in the Army may apply online via the GoArmyEd portal, while members of the Air Force must use AirPortal.

By creating an account in GoArmyEd, the soldier will then have access to apply for FTA. The soldier must complete the requirements in GoArmyEd in order to request funds. When the TA request is approved by the Army, the soldier will receive a confirmation e-mail, which they will then have to print and submit a copy of the approved TA Request to IUP's TA processor, who is located within the Office of Student Billing.

Special Notes

Changes to the Federal Tuition Assistance program occur frequently, and any new updates will be listed here as we are made aware of them.