How often will my child be paid a stipend?

Once a month they will be eligible to receive $40, after they are vested for three months. As long as they maintain a 2.5 GPA, they will continue to receive their stipends.

Once my child is in the program, do they need to reapply every year?

No, once they are accepted, they remain active until they graduate high school.

Does my child need to participate in the summer program every year?

Scholars that participate every possible summer will have more success when enrolling in post secondary school. It is required that scholars participate in their junior year the summer before they become seniors. It is recommended that they participate in the summer program every year that they are active in the program to take full advantage of all the program has to offer.

Does my child have to stay in the residence halls?


Does UBMS pay for AP classes, college tuition, admission fees, enrollment fees, SAT/ACT fees, etc.?

No; however, UBMS DOES provide waivers for admission, enrollment, SAT, and ACT. UBMS staff will help scholars apply for financial aid and provide information regarding college tuition, room and board and AP costs.

How much does the program cost?

The program is free, funded by the US Department of Education.

Do you take field trips?

Yes. We have traveled free of charge to New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, State College, Erie, Cleveland, Washington DC, Baltimore, College Park, Maryland, and Virginia—where we have enjoyed culture, college visits, college fairs, and math and science explorations.

Should my child apply to UBMS if he/she wants to join the military?

Yes, but only if they are willing to consider combining a college education with an ROTC scholarship Enlisting right after high school does not fulfill the specific Department of Education requirements for this TRIO program, and therefore your child would not be eligible for UBMS.