About Upward Bound Math and Science

The purpose of UBMS is to provide participants with the requisite skills and motivation to matriculate from high school, enroll in college, and graduate with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Remarkable Alumni

Christina BrynerUBMS alumna Christina Bryner realized that a bachelor's degree was within reach when she attended IUP’s UBMS program as a Blairsville High School student. She graduated with a degree from IUP in Accounting and Finance and currently works as an auditor in Pittsburgh.

What Others Are Saying about UBMS @ IUP:

“I like UBMS because it gives me the chance to make new friends.”
—Brooke S.

“UBMS has helped me better prepare my future and get ready for college on the right track.”
—Brianna B.

“One of the best opportunities afforded to and experienced by both of my daughters.”
—Brandie B.

“If you're a first-generation college goer, I would recommend going into this program. It is a great experience and you make friends that will last a lifetime.”
—Freedom G.

“If you get the chance to, do it. Don't miss the chance. It's one of the best things I've ever done.”
—James R.

“It helped me grow and develop into a successful student in both high school and college.”
—Aubrey L.

“The tutoring and computer access really helps keep my grades up.”
—Brandon L.

“We learn while having fun.”
—Current UBMS scholar

“UBMS is great because it helped me to find a college.”
—Sam V.

“UBMS is great because it prepares you for the future.”
—Current UBMS scholar

“You get to meet amazing people.”
—Nicole S.

“It helps you with homework.”
—Katie O.

“UBMS has helped me do better in school and it has helped me get a good start at college.”
—Current UBMS scholar