1. The instructor organized course material effectively.
  2. The instructor communicated course ideas in a clear and understandable manner.
  3. The instructor demonstrated interest and enthusiasm in the subject.
  4. The instructor demonstrated interest in, and concern for, the students.
  5. The instructor established major points with illustrations, applications, and/or summaries.
  6. The instructor responded in a timely manner to give individual help regarding the course content.
  7. The instructor encouraged questions and discussion when appropriate.
  8. The instructor made it possible for me to increase my knowledge, skills, and understanding of the subject.
  9. The instructor encourages students to analyze ideas and to think critically.
  10. Grading criteria were explained clearly at the beginning of the course.
  11. Announced grading criteria were followed.
  12. Course objectives were explained clearly at the beginning of the course.
  13. Announced course requirements and policies were clearly followed.
  14. The required course materials were useful.
  15. The instructor provided appropriate feedback about my performance throughout the course.
  16. Graded exams and other course materials were returned to me in a timely fashion.
  17. In comparison to other courses of equal credit, the workload in this course was:
    • Much more
    • More
    • The same
    • Less
    • Much less
  18. The pace at which material was covered was:
    • Too fast
    • Slightly fast
    • About right
    • Slightly slow
    • Too slow
  19. Primary reason for taking this course:
    • Required for major
    • Elective for major
    • Minor/Related field
    • Liberal Studies
    • Personal interest
  20. My expected grade in this course:
    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
    • F
  21. In this course, I learned skills or content that I consider valuable.
  22. I would recommend this course using distance education technology delivery to another student.
  23. My overall rating of the instruction in this course is:
    • Superior
    • Above average
    • Average
    • Below average
    • Poor
  24. The course technology was an effective medium to use for instruction.
  25. Technical issues/problems were resolved in a timely manner.
  26. Compared to course taught using the classroom formate, I found the distance education format to be equally effective.

Open Questions:

  1. List up to three things the instructor did in the course that contributed to your learning.
  2. List up to three things the instructor might change about this course.
  3. List any issues you perceived with the technology.
  4. Additional comments, i.e., Is there anything else you would like the instructor of this course to know?

Link to side letter regarding Evaluation of Distance Education Courses