Faculty Recognition Award Categories

  • Reflective Practice
    Awareded to instructors having the thoughtful consideration of classroom events with the purpose of improving instruction and solving problems as they arise
    Interdisciplinary Practice
    Awards instructors integrating multiple disciplines into one practice contributing to student learning enhancement
    Instructional Technology (Former)
    Awarded to instructors utilizing technology to engage students in classroom learning.
    General Practice
    500 Faculty Recognition Award category awarded by the Center for Teaching Excellence
    Expository Instruction
    This award recognizes instructors using excellent articulation in lecture enhancing student learning.
    Awarded to instructors integrating, and encouraging student diversity in classroom.
    Distance Education
    $500 Faculty Recognition Award - awarded by the Center for Teaching Excellence
    Teaching of Writing Award
    Instructor demonstrates the teaching of writing in combination with the teaching of course content through writing as a mode of learning. This award is intended to recognize the thoughtful use and balance of writing to learn activities, writing to communicate
    Teaching Associates
    This award recognizes teaching associates demonstrating excellent classroom instruction
    Pedagogical Research
    Recognition of study that increases knowledge about teaching and learning as a function of actual classroom practice.
    Awards instructors dedicated to a "live and learn" lifestyle
    The John Woolcock TeacherScholar Award for Reflective Practice
    $500 Faculty Recognition Award category awarded by the Center for Teaching Excellence
    Awarded to instructors dedicated to innovative teaching which encourages student learning and engagement.
    Inclusive Excellence
    Awarded to instructors centralizing diversity in the classroom contributing to student excellence. 
    Experiential Education
    Recognition of instructors dedicated to experimental education for student learning.
    Content Pedagogy
    Recognition of instructors utilizing content pedagogy in the classroom setting
    Collaborative Practice
    Award recognizes faculty using collaborative team practices contributing to enhanced student learning.
    Accessibility Award
    Awards instructors making education universally accessible to all students
    Academic Advising
    This award recognizes members of the university that have provided excellence in academic advising.