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Student Giving

  • Make YOUR Mark TODAY!

    Whether it is through the Student Philanthropy Council, Senior Class Gift Committee, IUP Student Phonathon, Give to the Grove, or participating in the Get In the Know With Norm program, students are getting more educated about philanthropy and learning how they can make a difference and make their mark at IUP!

    How are you impacted by philanthropic efforts of IUP donors? Private gifts support initiatives such as scholarships, research opportunities, library resources, and athletics, just to name a few. This generosity not only provides you with additional opportunities for IUP students, but it also strengthens the worth of all IUP degrees, both yours and those of alumni. If you are a scholarship awardee, tell us your story.

    Do you want to know more about how all this works?

    You can get involved by joining the Student Philanthropy Council or one of its subcommittees such as the Senior Class Gift or Give to the Grove Committee. It will look great on your resume, and you’ll become a part of something that will help IUP and increase the worth of your degree when you graduate.

    Norm says to Make Your Mark at IUP

    Do you want to make your own gift?

    Join other IUP students in supporting Give to the Grove. Symbolic of IUP history and tradition, the Oak Grove has long been at the heart of campus. Alumni remember the Oak Grove more than any other place on campus, and for new students, this is where the memories begin. The Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) project will help to fund the planting of trees in the Oak Grove, providing a lasting legacy for future generations of IUP students and alumni alike.  Join with SPC to Make Your Mark on our campus TODAY.

    You can sign up for Get in the Know with Norm—a text messaging program. Test your IUP philanthropic knowledge and become eligible to win prizes, too. It’s fun!

    Tell us your story.

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