Academic advising is a process in which both the student and the advisor share responsibility. In actively participating in the process, students should be prepared to ask their advisor questions. The following questions are sample questions for students to consider when preparing for academic advising appointments.

How can I...

  • choose, declare, or change my major?
  • drop or withdraw from a class?
  • get a closed section permit?
  • register for a wait-listed section?
  • calculate or improve my GPA?
  • determine the classes I should take each semester?
  • have transfer credits approved prior to taking the class?

Where do I...

  • go for tutoring?
  • go if I have a learning disability?
  • find course equivalencies for my transfer credits?
  • find the application for PASSHE Visiting Scholars?
  • find the list of writing intensive courses offered this semester?

What is...

  • the difference between a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science?
  • a writing intensive course?
  • a global multicultural awareness course?
  • the IUP definition of academic good standing? academic probation?

Who can...

  • assist me with my study skills, time management, and test-taking skills?
  • talk with me about personal issues that are affecting my studies?
  • process a late drop/add or late withdrawal?